Bug Girl's Blog


Bug Girl has a PhD in Entomology, and as an Entomologist, she gives her readers a real scientific look at bugs and their workings. She also gives the latest news with a grain of salt, dispelling fact from myth (or outright falsehoods.)

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by Gwen Pearson over 4 years ago
It’s official! I’ve moved to Wired.
by Gwen Pearson over 4 years ago

The Backyard Arthropod Project


Interested in anything with an exoskeleton? If so, you'll dig this creepy crawly blog focusing on arthropods…and yes, you will feel like something's crawling in your hair after spending a few minutes browsing here!

Scale Insects from Orchid
by Tim Eisele over 3 years ago
Immature Crab Spider – Yellow and Red
by Tim Eisele over 3 years ago

Blog for a Not-So-Angry Redhead


This Texan gardner loves to blog about her passion and dabbles in nature photography. Get highlights of both and tips about gardening in the south.

Christian Nature


April Lorier is an author, horticulturist and nature lover with a passion for life and a love of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Her blog is filled with wisdom and tidbits of humor as she shares her Christian perspective of nature and its many wonders.

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Growing with Science Blog


Roberta's an entomologist who has taught science to all ages, from small children to adults. Her site's a great source of information for anyone who is discovering nature for themselves.

Insect Science Investigations for Kids: Bees, Ants, and Wasps
by Roberta over 2 years ago
Insect Science Investigations for Kids: Butterflies and Moths
by Roberta over 2 years ago

Art in Nature: Floris van Breugel’s Wilderness Photography and Adventure Blog


This photographer’s work truly lives up to the aspirational blog title, for each photograph is a work of art. Currently living in Seattle, WA, the blogger takes time to head over to the Olympic Peninsula to capture shots of mossy trees and Barred owls, and to return to California for some pictures of a warmer climate.

Winds of Winter ~ Mammoth, CA
by Floris van Breugel over 2 years ago
Scenes from the Pacific Coast
by Floris van Breugel over 2 years ago

Pat Ulrich Wildlife Photography Blog


Waterfalls at Yosemite and close-up shots of seashore birds are just a few of the images from this Northern California photographer. Also, the blog is updated almost daily, so there is always something new to see here.

Little blue staredown, Bunche Beach Preserve
by Pat Ulrich over 2 years ago
In the shadow of my hat, Plover chick at Parker River NWR
by Pat Ulrich over 2 years ago

Tall Tales, Long Lenses


Going back to 2008, this blog is updated regularly and often. Baby foxes, majestic bears, and wolves doing yoga are just a few of the stunning shots from this Canadian photographer.

EXPOSED Ep. 2: Grizzlies of the Khutzeymateen
by JohnEMarriott over 2 years ago
EXPOSED Ep. 1: Stop the BC Grizzly Trophy Hunt
by JohnEMarriott over 2 years ago

Show-Me Nature Photography


This Missouri photographer takes some landscape pictures, but mainly focuses on wildlife. The miracle of life is explored here with a special attention to wildlife behaviors.

Landing Gears Down
by Jim over 3 years ago
Snow Bird
by Jim over 3 years ago

Cornforth Images


This underwater photographer lets readers examine an often unseen world through an artistic lens. Come see humpback whales, clownfish, as well as some above ground creatures like polar bears and eagles.

Green Violetear Hummingbird 4
by Jon Cornforth over 2 years ago
Granular Glass Frog 1
by Jon Cornforth over 2 years ago

The Nature Blog


Richard Adams has a degree in zoology and a passion for nature. Since childhood, he's often been spotted outdoors with camera and binoculars. You'll still find him there , and now he blogs about his experiences, offering reviews of the latest technology and gadgets and make his observations easier, along with some interesting nature videos.

Featured Creature


Carly is slightly obsessed with creatures of all shapes and sizes. Her blog highlights unique and interesting animals with some very impressive photography.

The Proceedings of the Ever So Strange


If you're enamored with the out-of-the-ordinary or just outright weird things found on our planet, then you'll find this off the wall blog quite intriguing. The author professes to "scour some of the less salubrious corners of the planet; from the deepest darkest jungles to the oddest of odditoriums, to bring you a cacophany of curiousities." As you can see, the author not only features interesting content, but his rhetoric writing style is also quite entertaining.

The Boy Who Wants His Leg Cut Off
by admin almost 3 years ago
Old boy out voting today
by admin about 3 years ago

Yale Environment 360


Satisfy your penchant to stay up on the latest environmental news with Yale 360. Not only will you get the latest headlines, but commentary, analysis, and debate from some top experts. This is a publication of the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies.

California Natural Gas Leak
Officially Largest Leak in U.S. History
over 2 years ago
Scientists find new large lizard
species on remote Papua New Guinea island
over 2 years ago

Hiking Camping Blog


All nature-lovers must take to the trails and examine the world with their own eyes at some point. Here's an expert guide offering tips for hiking and camping, from reviewing best hiking boots to insight on Tent Camping vs. RVing or the highlighting the best trails in a certain part of the world.

Wild Light


Here's eye candy for the nature lover! Wild Light features portraits of the wild world, from birds to insects and bees. Photographer Rick Lieder is world-renowned for his world, and it's not hard to see why.

Creatures of Light
by Rick over 2 years ago
One Small Leap
by Rick over 2 years ago



Susan has a keen sense of the natural world around her, and she records those sensory experiences in her blog, "Lifescapes". Most of the writing here has to do with flora and landscapes.

Death Come Quickly & Other Book News
by Susan Albert about 4 years ago
Happy birthday, Laura Ingalls Wilder
by Susan Albert over 4 years ago

Mon@rch's Nature Blog


These bloggers believe that life is about living with nature. You can enjoy it to the fullest with the amazing nature photos and studies found on their site.

My Yellow Warbler review
by mon@rch over 3 years ago
The “Warbler Guide” [App Review]
by mon@rch over 3 years ago

Walking Nature Home


Susan encourages others to connect to nature rather than cutting themselves off from it. She believes that each of us need nature, and seeks to rekindle awareness by re-storying lives and landscapes.

Naked In Eden Blog – Robin Easton


Easton shares some "larger than life" stories about her life adventures in wild and remote areas of the world, from Australia Rainforests to Tasmania and the frozen Alaskan wilderness. She's an extremely talented writer, musician, and nature photographer. You'll be amazed as she shares her stories of up-close nature encounters and inspired to go experience some of your own.



Alex Wild is a photographer and research scientist with a thing for ants, and insects in general. He'll admit it, he's crazy about these little leggy, make-you-squirm-in-your-seat kind of bugs. Whether you're a fellow insect lover, doing some research, or interested in North American ants, you'll find his blog of top notch quality.

How To Tell The Difference Between the Japanese Pavement Ant And The Common Pavement Ant
by alexwild about 4 years ago
Public Talk, University of Kentucky: How The Digital Photography Revolution Is Good For Entomology
by alexwild about 4 years ago

Natural Unseen Hazards


Jerry promotes understanding and education to hikers, hunters, and campers, warning that there are lots of unseen dangers out there. To quote Louis Pasteur, "Chance favors the prepared mind." He's the author of "UNSEEN HAZARDS That Threaten Hunters, Campers, and Hikers: What you should know about pathogens commonly found in wildlife", and these are the ideas that he discusses on his blog, keeping readers up to date on news and discoveries in nature that could be dangerous to the outdoorsman.

PUERTO RICO reports sharp rise in ZIKA VIRUS cases ~ OREGON county reports first-ever case of HANTAVIRUS
by Jerry Genesio over 2 years ago
New strain of LYME DISEASE complicates diagnosis ~ Mayor of HAWAII COUNTY declares State of Emergency due to DENGUE epidemic
by Jerry Genesio over 2 years ago

I Love Shelling


Who knew there was so much to be said about seashells!? Pam's grown up shelling her entire life and still does it almost daily. Get shelling tips and learn how to identify shells with her expertise.

What Do Sanibel And Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Have In Common?
by pam over 2 years ago
Focusing On A Few Beautiful Beach Treasures
by pam over 2 years ago

Nature Notes


This guy has a personal passion for nature and photography and uses his blog to showcase both. His personal photography collection of bird images spans over 1500; indeed, he's traveled the world to create it. View his stunning photography, not only of birds, but beautiful scenes as well, and perhaps indulge in a photoshop tutorial along the way to help develop your own talents.

Bell’s Mill Covered Bridge, Pennsylvania
by Harold Stiver over 2 years ago
Greater Shearwater: North Carolina Pelagic
by Harold Stiver over 2 years ago

Nature Nerd


This laid-off Park Ranger is in love with wildlife. She fills readers in on the gear she chooses to use, and offers beautiful up-close photographs and videos of wildlife.