A Little Pregnant


After trying for many years to get pregnant with her husband, Julie started this blog as a diary about their infertility. They then began many fertility test and this blog is about that side of the pregnancy spectrum. Julie doesn't hold back on the gory details either. So come here for insightful stories and real life difficulties.

Nor custom stale
by Julie over 4 years ago

Remodeling This Life


Emily subtitles her blog "Simple is Beautiful," and it truly is a beautifully done blog. In it she writes about being frugal (she's eliminated all of her debt for over 7 years) and how to de-clutter our lives. She talks about her downsized life, about not being deprived and shares "lessons in contentment."

Take Back the Kichen


Many women deal with obstacles that keep them from accomplishing everything that they desire in the kitchen. This blogger will help you change that with ideas and recipes that make cooking less of a challenge.



Crazy.Beautiful.Life is penned by Stephanie who decided to begin blogging to get over heartbreak. She now blogs about her life, her interest and random interesting musings!



SassClass is where Sass meets Class for a battle for my soul!



Mom blogger. Every day experience of a mom. Fashion and beauty tips, parenting, reviews, etc.

insignificant at best


My name is Lisa and I’m a 30 something, married, mom of 1 who works full time and co-owns a business. I’m no one special; just an everyday average girl going through the trials and tribulations of life. My blog is just a peek inside the world in my head…which can be both scary and amusing. As you get to know me I think you’ll find that I’m extremely passionate about the things I like and dislike and that I can have a bit of a sarcastic sense of humor. I’m not one to stick to a single subject, my mind doesn’t work that way, so neither does my blog! LOL As a reader, you’ll find everything there from my favorite music to reviews and giveaways! I like to think there’s a little something for everyone there.

by MXbm8f7E over 2 years ago
by MXbm8f7E over 2 years ago



I'm a FORMER academic, CURRENTLY a blogging mom, ASPIRING writer, astrophysicist, gazillionaire philanthropist and goddess, and undoubtedly a PERPETUAL dreamer, hopeless romantic, and overanalyzer. Welcome to my world Catharsis! Catharsis is a site where I get to explore my angsts and just general cerebral meanders as I try to find my way around the world of motherhood, migration, and everything else that makes our heads spin and hearts beat. If you are a thinker, over-analyzer and hopeless romantic like myself, then I believe you will enjoy doing therapy with me.

Fullness of life


The musings of a church minister in Scotland on life, the universe and everything, sometimes even including God.

How do you imagine Jesus?
by John over 2 years ago
Wedding poem
by John over 2 years ago

Bridget's Daughter


This blog is about my life and my every day struggles to do and be everything I need to do to be a good mother,wife,student,home school mom,business owner and still have time to shave my legs!

Una Mentira Perfecta


Welcome to my world. Here you will find stories that will make you laugh, think, cry, and maybe not even believe. I'll share my love of technology, social media, Latino issues, relationship ups and downs, and my journey to good health.

koju bofu


In a few words, this blog is about health, beauty, architecture, postcards from postcrossing, lifestyle, travelling, food, movies and so much more... Feel free to join and make yourself comfortable!

As Jamieywrites It


jamie writes from the heart. random thoughts. occasional musings. the high and low lanes. reflections of the past, present and future. read to enjoy and understand with your heart.

Not a freeloader, no more with P1 ToGo
by jamiey writes about 3 years ago
Venessa Diamonds for the new year
by jamiey writes over 3 years ago

A Girl I Know


A blog about being a mum, a girlfriend, a bad cook, a dog owner, trying new things, being an everyday girl except at 31 I'm not really a girl anymore, I'm......*gasp* a woman!? When did that happen????

Make Supermarket Flowers Look Gift Ready
by A Girl I Know over 2 years ago
Jar of Love
by A Girl I Know over 2 years ago

Mrs. Mood


Swinging from mood to mood in a hot flash second.