Crazy Aunt Purl


Hook and Needles is full of great tips and informative videos. We like the range of how to offerings, from videos on casting off to how to add pockets.

Claudia's Blog


This little blog has lots of great info for newbies and old pros alike. We especially liked "Everything I Know About Putting in a Zipper."

Moving Day
by claudia over 4 years ago
Hello Again
by claudia over 4 years ago

Reflections of the TZS Teacher


Grandmother, student, teacher and wise woman Paula White invites visitors to think along with her as she ponders new and better ways to reach children. An educator of many years, Paula has much insight to share, most from her personal experiences in the classroom and all from the heart.

Loops Yarn Blog


At Loops, you’re going to find updates from the Tulsa, Oklahoma yarn store, along with tips, finished projects, and gift ideas. We love the giving spirit of this shop and hope you’ll check out the Hats that Smile information to find out how you can knit hats for cancer patients.

Purling Sprite


Isela shares loom knitting information, including patterns, tips, and explanations. You’ll find patterns for baby, apparel, décor, and more.

Morning thoughts
by Isela over 2 years ago
Knitting as Therapy
by Isela over 2 years ago

Of Books and Bicycles


The author's goal for her blog is to share her love of literature as well as her love for cycling. "I'm a book lover, an English teacher, and an avid cyclist," she writes in her About Me. Her blog focuses heavily on contemporary literary fiction and classic novels, but she delves into other genres like mystery, memoirs as well as non-fiction prose and poetry, too.

Chris Offutt’s My Father, the Pornographer: A Memoir
by Rebecca H. over 2 years ago
Reading Round-Up, 2/13/2016
by Rebecca H. over 2 years ago

Adventurous Kate


After quitting her job to be full time freelance travel writer, Kate has explored the world and used this blog to document her ventures. Check the "Travel Articles" tab to find destination specific articles - there you will find articles on cities throughout Europe, Asia, South and North America.

Privilege in the Gardens
by Kate McCulley over 2 years ago
Why I Moved to Harlem Instead of Brooklyn
by Kate McCulley over 2 years ago

Memory Writers Network


Targeted towards aspiring memoir writers, this blog offers great advice about embracing your story. There are also links to lots of helpful writing resources.

Life to Stories: 3 Habits, 3 Rules, 3 Stages
by jerrywaxler over 2 years ago
Sharing Stories and Loving Mothers
by jerrywaxler almost 3 years ago

Sixth In Line


An interest in all things autobiographical drives this blogger. Since 2006, this blog has examined how honesty and creativity both play a role in telling the story of a life.

I've moved blog houses
by Elisabeth Hanscombe over 2 years ago
A final diagnosis
by Elisabeth Hanscombe almost 3 years ago

Mzungu Memoirs


Follow along with this family as they volunteer in Uganda. Posts range from fixing a clothesline, to discussing different cultural perceptions of time and relationships.

Women's Memoirs


These bloggers promote an interactive element by adding contests and writing prompts to their blog. One article discusses revealing family secrets through memoir, while another suggests scrapbooking in conjunction with writing.

Interview with Memoir Author Pamela Jane…or…How It All Came to Be
by Matilda Butler over 2 years ago
Memoir, Biography, Reflections on Family in Poetry
by Matilda Butler over 2 years ago

National Association of Memoir Writers


This organization embraces fellow writers, inviting them to connect through this blog. Some questions they address are: why write a memoir, and what makes your life story interesting?

Following the Yellow Brick Road of Memoir Writing |Marla Miller
by NAMW Web Team about 4 years ago
Three Memoirs—Three Voices| Review of The Pat Boone Fan Club
by NAMW Web Team about 4 years ago

Memories and Memoirs


This blogger is a two time author, holds a Ph.D., and has an MFA in Creative Writing. Some of the themes of this blog include freeing your voice, and writing as healing.

Mother–on Mother’s Day
by Linda Joy Myers about 4 years ago
Courage to Tell the Untold Stories of Mothers and Daughters
by Linda Joy Myers about 4 years ago

Write My Memoirs


Learn more about the six-words memoir with this prolific blog. Other great topics include genealogy research, and how your memoir can help others.

The Memoir Writer's Blog


This blog addresses some of the major concerns people often have when starting a memoir. Read about choosing a narrator’s voice, and how to add action to your plot.

Wisdom Has a Voice: Daughters Remember Mothers


With the mission of gathering memories that daughters possess of their mothers, this website hopes to tell a remarkable story. Readers can find out more about the magical nature of words, and connect with fellow writers.

無料おなにー配信 jk 素人 熟女 セックスレス
by 6w2ay6wWBc about 3 years ago
札幌市出会系お見合いパブ 金くれる熟女
by 6w2ay6wWBc about 3 years ago

Polish and Publish


This blog discusses how to embrace tricky books in progress, and why it is important to still think of the real people in memoirs as characters. A few posts also cover the difference between a memoir and a family history.

Are Your Writing Submissions Being Rejected?
by Lynette Benton over 2 years ago
Writing Tip: Try Free-Writing
by Lynette Benton about 3 years ago

Mommy Memoirs


Take a glimpse into the life of this Poughkeepsie, NY mom. Read about lighthearted topics such as crafts and home-cooked meals, as well as more serious subjects like the loss of a parent.

Best Foodie Movie Ever – Jon Favreau’s Chef
by carolyntorella about 4 years ago

Pink Memoirs


There are some very sweet entries about this blogger's relationship with her husband and child. Life in the Philippines is also a major topic of this blog.

New Moms Find Variety at Two Blossom Lane
by admin almost 4 years ago
Lactose Intolerance
by admin about 4 years ago

A Road with a View


This blogger has a deft focus on the small things in life. From notes about migrating birds, to a moving post about the blogger’s relationship with her mother, there is a clear sense of life in context with the outside world.

Alexis Grant


A travel writer started this blog to share her experience writing her first memoir about backpacking through Africa. You'll find plenty of travel writing tips, as well as book reviews, and interviews with other writers.

Our Twitter Love Story Continues… (Plus a Ridiculously Adorable Photo)
by Alexis Grant over 2 years ago
Why You Should Use Flow for Task Management (Over Basecamp or Asana)
by Alexis Grant almost 3 years ago

Susan Johnson's blog


Out of Australia, this memoir and fiction writer talks about day to day events, as well as thoughts about the writing process. One captivating post describes how present day flooding in Australia recalled memories of floods from the blogger's childhood.

Australian Society of Authors National Congress 2013
by Susan about 4 years ago
ABC612 Brisbane Hot Ticket
by Susan over 4 years ago