About Taxes


Confused about how the process of taxation in the U.S. works? Join the club, and find solace in the clear and focused insights on how it works on this blog.

Belly Tales


Read about touching birth stories, as well as facts about babies after they are out of the belly. There are also some great links to tons of helpful resources.

Misleading home birth headline
by The Midwife over 4 years ago

Doula Ambitions


Join this blogger on her journey towards becoming a Certified Doula. The blog includes videos, informative articles, and personal thoughts on such topics as home vs. hospital birth.

Disposable Vs. Reusable Diapers
by Emily over 2 years ago
A Very Informative Video on Circumcision
by Emily over 2 years ago

Faith-Based Accounting


This blog believes that integrity in finances and health of the soul can go hand in hand. The accountants here work closely with churches and ministry groups.

Accounting Coach


This blog has been in operation since 2003, and is very interactive and informative. The subject-matter is in a question/answer format, and an accountant may not have a better free resource out there, so take advantage.

Because not all accountants are the same


This blog beliefs in the importance multifaceted diversity, and its potential, in the accounting sphere. Pensioners, plumbers, and tax season are recent topic points.

Real Time Information (RTI) Penalties
by Harries Watkins Jones about 4 years ago
2014 Budget News
by Harries Watkins Jones about 4 years ago

Bedhead Birth Blog


Learn about the importance of umbilical cords, how formula compares with breast milk, and how beautiful a homebirth can be with this photographer’s blog. In addition to taking stunning pictures, this blogger is also a doula, so the posts are backed up by lots of birthing experience.

Workspace Rehab
by nikki over 4 years ago
A December Birthday in Germany is the Best Birthday
by nikki over 4 years ago

Attention Land


The goal of Attention.Land is to land your attention. Visit and you'll find a place devoted to creating content that you can’t ignore and wouldn’t want to miss.

Bmit jaipur


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