Journalist's Toolbox


The Society of Professional Journalists sponsors this handy dandy reporting site. It focuses on fielding a variety of mediums and sources helpful to the reporting process.

Online Journalism
by SPJ over 4 years ago
Twitter and Social Media Resources
by SPJ over 4 years ago

and ever onwards to prudery.


This Irish journalism student focuses his blog site on the music and political and cultural news that most appeals to him. The writing can be sarcastic, but always stellar.

Lost Remote


Imagine "Friends'" Joey and Rachel on Facebook, and other such television-meets-social networking pairings. Lost Remote writes primarily on such intersections.

Scoreboard: Thursday, Feb. 25
by Karen Fratti over 2 years ago
Blackish Tackles Racism & Social Media Takes Notice
by Karen Fratti over 2 years ago

Photo Journalism


We're all aware that a picture can stand for a thousand words. This blogger lets you know how to tease out a few hundred more from any photograph.

What Is A Photojournalist?
by Mark M. Hancock over 2 years ago
Lakeview Centennial vs. Rowlett basketball
by Mark M. Hancock over 2 years ago

Reflections of a Newsosaur


As the name suggests, this blog is written by a long-time veteran of the newspaper industry. It discusses the scary prospect of a world without newspapers or any formal form of journalism.

Berkeley J-school seeks global journalsists
by noreply@blogger.com (Newsosaur) over 3 years ago
Digital nabs 77% of classified sales, says study
by noreply@blogger.com (Newsosaur) over 3 years ago

Adrian Monck


This site, apparently just about news, belies its subjectively bland purpose. Rather, this Oxford-educated writer composes his reportage with palpable panache.

Half a century of British economic progress in one street
by Adrian Monck over 4 years ago

Content Bridges


The olden days knew newspapers, and nowadays we read about the world really just online. This site seeks to bridge the gap between older and modern forms of media.

Notes from a Teacher


A journalism instructor writes this blog and focuses it on the art of passing down the craft from one generation to the next. The "For Students" tab is especially worth it.

Invisible Inkling


Serious aficionados of journalism as an art form, do yourself a favor and bookmark this page. Writer Ryan Sholin will provide you with a bounty of insight on the news of news.

P E R S O N A L   N E W S
by Ryan Sholin over 2 years ago
Elsewhere, recently, blogging
by Ryan Sholin over 2 years ago



"Public relations and journalism" have carried on a sometimes tumultuous relationship over the years. This blog, very Twitter-savvy, keeps you on top of this intersection.

7 Great Posts to Help You Create an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog
by Jeremy Porter over 2 years ago
5 Great Posts on How to Create a Content Strategy
by Jeremy Porter over 2 years ago

Editor and Publisher


Even though the reporters are the ones out on the field getting the stories, dditors and publishers are the ones putting the paper together. This blog is a resource for editors and publishers to collaborate on their business.

Guardian News & Media Launches Beta Membership Program
almost 4 years ago
Post and Courier Wins September Sidney for Exposing South Carolina’s Domestic Homicide Crisis
almost 4 years ago

Campfire Journalism


Journalism, at the end of the day, is really a sophisticated form of relaying the importance of a story to a listener. This blog warmly reminds you of this essential detail.



The Internet and quality journalism do not have to bump heads. Blogger Amy charmingly writes on how the two can go hand in hand.

Why unlocked smartphones and no-contract plans are a much better deal
by Amy Gahran over 4 years ago

Interactive Narratives


This site works as a great reminder that reporting is all about telling the story, as truthfully and vibrantly as possible. It celebrates the Web's best like-minded journalists.

Advancing the Story


Your local television news is, for better or for worse, being strongly affected by the world of online reporting. This blog lets you in on just how that's taking place.

How to maximize your mobile video stories
by Debora Wenger about 3 years ago
Behind the scenes in TV news
by Deborah Potter about 3 years ago

I Want Media!


This site is critical to read often because of its focus on a diversity of news and media sources. Students can glean lessons on how to employ a variety of resources to land the story.

Multimedia Shooter


Journalism requires an exceptional understanding of time management and focus. This blog assists you in your quest to concentrate on the story.

One Man and His Blog


Adam Tintworth concentrates in his blog on other bloggers and journalists in the same boat as himself. He covers the move from on-the-move journalism to web-based reporting.

Apple under Tim Cook: Greener
by Adam Tinworth about 4 years ago
Crowdfunding media diversity
by Adam Tinworth about 4 years ago



This blog gives you the 4-1-1 on just how this whole journalism world gets going. It offers a number of features catering directly to the community of investigative reports.

Newspapers Are Still the Best Places to Find Journalism Jobs
about 4 years ago
Are Newspapers too Slow to Adapt to Digital Journalism?
about 4 years ago

First Amendment Blog


This alluring blog is written by David Bulla, an assistant professor of journalism at Iowa State University. His areas of study and research are the nineteenth-century press and the First Amendment. The blog examines the ways the five freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment are at issue everyday in local and international arenas.

Quote of the day, Feb. 29
by dwbulla over 2 years ago
Quote of the day, Feb. 28
by dwbulla over 2 years ago