Calculated Risk


This blog deals mostly with domestic investment and other economic trends. The blog will be useful to anyone interested in macro economic trends, especially in the real-estate market.

NAR: Pending Home Sales Index decreased 2.5% in January, up 1.4% year-over-year
by Bill McBride over 2 years ago
Chicago PMI declines to 47.6
by Bill McBride over 2 years ago

The Big Picture


A Wall Street money manager talks about the economy and investing through statistics, videos, and visual images. In addition to data-driven posts, this blog includes contributions, labeled the Think Tank, from other market experts. This site has been offering insightful perspectives since 2003.

Map: State Minimum Wage Laws
by Barry Ritholtz over 2 years ago
10 Monday AM Reads
by Barry Ritholtz over 2 years ago

Cafe Hayek


This site is a great one for those who might be, as of right now, more casual about the whole economics things, but who'd like to become more serious about it all.

On Ordinary Americans’ Living Standards
by Don Boudreaux over 3 years ago
Maybe This Is What Gives
by Don Boudreaux over 3 years ago

David B. Lerner


The "Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Director of Columbia University Venture Lab, Blogger, Community Organizer, Golfer-in-Exile" blogs attractively on the topic of dollars.

Magical Penny


Learn to make sense of your own personal finances so that you can manage them well. Adam Piplica offers free money tips and experienced insights on investing to grow your money.

How Can Invoice Discounting Aid Your Business Processes?
by Adam over 2 years ago
Save £1300 more per year on food with these tips
by Adam over 2 years ago

Crossing Wall Street


Hailed by several outlets as an excellent buy-and-hold blogger, Eddy demonstrates great financial flair here. Use his genius to generate your own money success.

Morning News: February 29, 2016
by Eddy Elfenbein over 2 years ago
Leap Day Returns
by Eddy Elfenbein over 2 years ago

An Investment Banker's Take on Life


You'd be hard pressed to name any financial pros that moonlight as philosophers. Consider this double threat to be a rare existential find.

The Capital Spectator


This blog is written by James Picerno, who describes the blog's subject-matter as "money, oil, economics, and the search for the bottom-line." The blog is regularly updated (almost daily), and features current events as well as theoretical economic analysis.

Abundant Life


Abundant Life Foundation, a non-profit organization formed to offer various services that will help a person in whatever they may need to make their lives more meaningful.



Actuary Info is an brain teaser Blog with non-conventional, witty, remarkable and serendipitous financial and actuarial related news. Target audience: actuaries, accountants, CEOs, CFOs and management of financial (international) institutions. The blog topics cover a wide field of interests. From Investment Management, Life Insurance, Disability, Pension Funds to HRM, Bonus, Compliance and Ethics. Actuary Info stretches the mind, creates a smile or helps you to break out of your comfort zone.

Phillip James Financial Official Blog


I am a financial advisor and portfolio manager at Phillip James and I am the main contributor to the company blog. I blog about fun and interesting personal finance related topics with a focus on investments and retirement planning issues.

Finance Institute Blog


We know how competitive the quest for a career is in finance, so we do everything possible to assure that our graduates find the kinds of jobs they’re seeking. Our professional investment bankers have worked at some of Wall Street’s most respected firms. They bring years of experience in investment banking, private equity, and hedge funds to the classroom.

looking for investors


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