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The geeky but irresistible helmsman of this acclaimed site loves contemporary releases but "often stray[s] into the classics, historical fiction and all varieties of non-fiction as well."

Lookaway, Lookaway: Satire of the South
by noreply@blogger.com (Greg Zimmerman) about 4 years ago
Long Man: "Time was unmerciful."
by noreply@blogger.com (Greg Zimmerman) over 4 years ago

Native American Blog


Two Feathers, of the Blackfoot tribe, composes this blog that delves into the latest Native news and culture. You can often find his reviews and analyses of books, too.

New Age Fraud Shutdown for Libel Blog
by noreply@blogger.com (Grant Redhawk) over 2 years ago
John Trudell - Take back the Earth
by noreply@blogger.com (Grant Redhawk) over 2 years ago



Southern California' mini-climate of rapid minority expansion has been embraced by the nation as a foreshadowing of America's future ethnic composition. Multi-American takes on the issues of immigration and cultural acceptance within and just outside of the United States borders. The writers extrapolate on the migrant microcosm currently surrounding Los Angeles as a way to widen readers' perspectives on the definition of being American in a racially and culturally more colorful land.

American Short Fiction


As America's culture has always been historically captured by its writers, this blog upholds the country's fascination with literature. Up-and-coming authors appear here.

American Flag Blog


The signature symbol for American culture generates a wealth of must-read posts here. Readers can learn what the flag symbolizes and its importance to contemporary culture.

100 Years of Illustration


Love reminiscing about the days of Polaroid? You'll want to spend some time here, then, on the site of one of the photo technology's most important helmsmen. Blogger Paul has won scores of medals for his work as an art director, and his blog functions as a happy marriage between progressive illustration page and amazing visual arts museum. He curates a surprising and punchy selection of the discipline's most important unsung heroes, championing their art for new generations.

Kimberly's Bookshelf


I have my Master's Degree in English Literature with a primary focus on Women and Minority Literature. However, I enjoy reading and reviewing a wide array of genres, including Historical Fiction/Non-Fiction, Memoirs and Autobiographies, Historical Romance, Mysteries, and Psychological Thrillers. Here you'll find my latest reviews, giveaways and author interviews.

Review: There'll Be Blue Skies By Ellie Dean
by Kimberly over 2 years ago
Friday Freebies And Bargain Books
by Kimberly over 2 years ago

That was Then


I am a freelance writer, novelist, museum educator, and eternal student of history. These are my words, but feel free to share yours.

Quill & Ink


A writer's blog about life and literature, with a particular focus on Classic & Historical fiction...

Faded Parchment


Faded Parchment reviews historical novels, fiction and some non fiction. Faded Parchment celebrates women who forged ahead against the odds.



My name is Adam. I am a 21 year old History student. I decided to start a book review blog to keep up to date with the books Ive read and help others choose what their next book could be.

The Crimson Campaign, Brian McClellan Youtube Review
by adam-p-reviews over 2 years ago
George R.R. Martin Rewards Readers with New Twist in The Winds of Winter!
by adam-p-reviews over 2 years ago

Closed the Cover


Read book reviews & interviews with authors. Features new books, classic literature, best sellers, historical fiction & non-fiction, biographies, and memoirs from traditionally published and self-published authors.

Six Networking Tips to Promote Your Book Online
almost 4 years ago
Blade of the Samurai by Susan Spann (Virtual Book Tour)
almost 4 years ago

The Abbot and the Acolyte


This provides details to readers about the books available or becoming available in the Medieval Mystery Series. The first novel is available: "The Back of Beyond"

Girl Lost In A Book


I review and talk about historical fiction and cozy mysteries mainly on this blog, but I do read whatever catches my eye and blog about it.

Musings of a Modern Bluestocking


Book reviews of mostly Regency romance novels and young adult historic fiction. Also occasional posts on historical topics.

The True Book Addict


reviewing historical fiction, classics and literary fiction with guest authors, occasional giveaways and other book commentary.