Best Hike


Blogger Rick’s aim is to share his extensive catalogue of hikes of varying lengths and difficulties around the world. Most of the recommended hikes are challenging, multi-day adventures, but they also suggest one-day hikes. The site is a work in progress, and they are constantly updating their hike list and accepting user submissions.

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by Rick Mc over 2 years ago
Zion National Park, Utah
by Rick Mc over 2 years ago

Appalachia and Beyond


Robin and Tim are a couple in Tennessee who blog about their outdoor excursions and their efforts to turn their homestead into a farm. Their blog provides a list of parks for hiking in the East Tennessee area, and a section where they give more detail about visiting the parks, including historical information. They also highlight their favorite destinations, which include hikes and walks as well as fun road-side attractions.

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by Tim Bird over 2 years ago
Things to Do On a Long Walk
by Tim Bird over 2 years ago

Backpacking in Britain


Over 170 routes for backpacking in England, Scotland, and Wales can be found at this blog, run by a few retired Brits with a good amount of mountain experience and knowledge. In particular they focus on giving information on lesser-known backpacking spots, for the more adventurous outdoors folk who seek something unexplored.

Baz's Backpacking Blog


Blogger Baz reports on backpacking, hiking, climbing, and other outdoor activities in Britain. Excellent, detailed gear recommendations, complemented by photos, can be found here. This blog has a list of great week-long backpacking trips in the United Kingdom.

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by baz carter almost 3 years ago
merino buff – thermal
by baz carter almost 3 years ago

Two-Heel Drive


Long-term passionate hiker and blogger Tom Mangan keeps this site constantly updated with a weekly hike write-up which includes pictures, a description, and a link to GPS tracks. He also posts hiking-related links specific to the North Carolina mountain region and general commentary.



Mommy of two little boys that loves to run, hike, play - anything to keep fit. I have been running for years and have done numerous runs all for fun. Hiking has also been something I've enjoyed through the years and now we are having our kids join in on the fun. In all, I would really like to share my experiences and hopefully inspire others.

Views From an Urban Lake


An Outdoors and Wildlife blog. Covering Hiking, Walking, Camping, Gocaching, Wildlife and much more. With award winning photography.