Celebrity Gossip, Academic Style


A University of Texas-Austin PhD student created this blog, which combines a fascination with celebrity gossip with the impulse to alter the landscape of academic publishing. The result is a collection of posts that flow together like chapters in a novel as they keep you engaged, informed, entertained, and thinking intellectually.

The McConnaissance: An Alternate Reading
by Annie over 4 years ago
Pre-Christmas Media Endorsements
by Annie over 4 years ago

Celebrity Cheeze


This site features submissions of photos people have taken with celebrities and includes their experience with the celebrity. Find some interesting photos and comments.

by admin about 4 years ago
Interval Training Burn Fat And Excess Weight
by admin about 4 years ago

Brick and Stones Gossip


The editors of this blog love posting celebrity gossip and photos. Find post on who went shopping where, how much they spent, what they spent on, who's engaged, who's having a kid and just about anything else you want to know about celebrities and entertainment.

Your Black Gossip: The Official Source of Black Celebrity Gossip


As you may have guessed from its title, this blog brings you the latest gossip surrounding African American rappers, singers, athletes, actors, and celebrity socialites. No black celebrity is exempt from gossip on this blog, as posts discuss celebs of all ages, professions, countries, and titles.

Celebrity Smack


Celebrity Smack dishes the dirt on all celebrities, both local and mainstream. No secrets are safe as this spicy, ravaging blog brings you the full story, down to minute it happened.

I'm Not Obsessed!


In addition to daily occurrences in the lives of celebs, here you'll also find gossip and information on celebrity couples, children, and hook-ups. Vera, the blog's writer, shares her witty two cents at the end of each post, and encourages subscribers to leave a comment sharing theirs.

Kelly Clarkson Includes Daughter In ‘Piece By Piece’ (Hot New Video)
by Andrea Banks over 2 years ago
Prince William And Kate Middleton Return To Wales
by Andrea Banks over 2 years ago



The YBF--Young, Black, and Fabulous--is a hot celebrity gossip blog that focuses on fashion, fabulousness, and foolery. And don't let the name mislead you--although the blog does focus primarily on black celebs, no celebrity is spared.

CONFIRMED! LeBron's Wife Savannah James Almost 4 Months PREGNANT With Baby #3
by Natasha over 4 years ago
YBF PREMIERE: Omarion's "Work" Video
by _YBF over 4 years ago

Socialite Life


The photos, celebrity gossip, and media speculation found on Socialite Life is best taken with a sense of humor. The blog is neatly categorized, which allows you to dig up the dirt in a number of arenas, including the red carpet, T.V. and film, and music.

Kylie Jenner Dumps Tyga, Proving Love Isn’t Real
by Olivia over 2 years ago
Just Like Us! Prince William and Kate William Have Way Too Much Fun Climbing Rocks In North Wales
by Kit Bowen over 2 years ago

Allie is Wired


A gossip blog that covers virtually every aspect of Hollywood. From music and television to movies and fashion, everyone is fair game on this blog, which features many celebs in some rather unflattering positions.

Celebrity Wife Swap (Video) – Robin Leach and Eric Roberts Swap Lives – RECAP
by Jake about 4 years ago
Lorde Postpones Aussie Tour Due To Illness
by Allie about 4 years ago

Gone Hollywood


News and commentaries on the latest celebrity gossip. Most posts focus on female celebs.

Celebrity Mound


Celebrity Mound celebrates, mocks, criticizes and pokes fun at any and everything related to celebrities, fashion, and the media. The blog warns that anyone in the public eye is fair game.

Anything Hollywood


Anything Hollywood is a celebrity gossip site that brings you the juiciest Hollywood gossip, news, and rumors. What sets this blog aside is that it mainly focuses on young, fun, edgy, (sometimes) scandalous, and obnoxious celebrities.

UE Boom Brings in the Tides
by Ruby almost 4 years ago
by Mae almost 4 years ago

Celeb Killer


This light-hearted gossip blog catches celebrities at their worst then posts them on this site for your viewing pleasures. In addition to celebrities in compromising situations, you'll also find published rumors, speculations, assumptions, opinions, and some factual information.



All the glitz, glamor, and fame surrounding Hollywood's brightest shining stars. A little bit of everything and everyone is feature on this blog.

Girls Talkin' Smack


Girls Talkin' Smack started five years ago when four girls decided to launch a blog where they could vent their outspoken opinions regarding their favorite celebs and all things Hollywood. The focus of the blog has remained consistent over the years, but the line up has changed to include many new bloggers.

Gigi Hadid Rarely Wears Full Makeup & Hates Facials
by PZ over 2 years ago
Ciara Reveals Her Must-Have for a Natural No-Makeup Look
by PZ over 2 years ago

Celebrity Puke


The crowning feature of Celebrity Puke is its exclusive candid pictures of Hollywood's hottest celebrities. In addition to the unstaged photos, the gossip blog also has up-to-date celebrity news.

RIP Actor & SuperModel Sam Sarpong Forever An Entertainer!
by PukeMeister over 2 years ago
Channing Tatum Looking Sharp At The “Magic Mike” Premiere!
by PukeMeister almost 3 years ago

Stupid Celebrities Gossip


Stupid Celebrities Gossip (despite its name) is not confined to only highlighting dumb decisions made by your Hollywood favorites. The blog also brings you the latest gossip and confirmed reports regarding eccentric, hot, and unquestionably entertaining figures in the public eye.

Tinseltown Dirt
by Jenn almost 3 years ago
Hollywood Scoop
by Jenn almost 3 years ago

Notorious News


Celebrity news intertwined with sardonic commentary from the blogger.

D*ana's Dirt


You'll be happy you're not a celebrity after reading D*ana's blog. She takes shots on any and everyone in the lime light, and presents the news in a mockingly hilarious way.

Happy 10th Birthday Facebook!
by D*ana over 4 years ago
Justin Bieber: Let the Downward Spiral Begin
by D*ana over 4 years ago

Have U Heard?


Celebrity gossip and entertainment news as told by two friends who usually start their conversations with "Have you heard...?" The bloggers share their opinions on celebrities, fashion, entertainment, and any other topic that people are likely discussing.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga Split On Rapper’s 26th Birthday- Get the Details!
by Mandi Nowitz over 2 years ago
Gwen Stefani Opens Up About Her Romance With Blake Shelton and Divorce From Gavin Rossdale
by Mandi Nowitz over 2 years ago