Criminal Convictions


The National Museum of Crime and Punishment has developed an excellent crime blog here. It focuses on widespread American crime analysis.

Recent Supreme Court Decisions
by crimemuseum over 4 years ago
Pro Se: Representing Yourself in Court
by crimemuseum over 4 years ago

Forensic Psychology Blog


Learn all about forensic psychology from this site. If you've ever wanted to know how to profile someone, this is your site.

Forensics Talk


Find out about police work from the viewpoint of a forensic nurse. Kathleen, has 35 years experience as a forensic nurse. She is also a trained paralegal.

Ask a Forensic Artist


Get all into the fascinating world of forensic art, everything from reconstructing faces of criminals to those of the already dead. Lisa Bailey has been a forensic artist for 10 years.

Correctly depicting the jawline in facial approximations
by ForensicArtist over 3 years ago
FBI Contemporary Tissue Depth Data
by ForensicArtist over 3 years ago

Forensic Science Blog


Alicia Lusiardo, a forensic anthropologist, authors this blog, which is affiliated with the University of Florida. Shocking blog entries include stories such as that of thousands of couples in Spain who for decades were told their infants had died. Instead, they had been sold by doctors, priests and nuns.

Reliability, validity, error, and mistakes in forensic science: what do we mean by those terms?
by Alicia Lusiardo over 4 years ago
Where there’s smoke, there’s fire
by Alicia Lusiardo over 4 years ago

Eyes for Lies


Meet The Truth Wizard , a professional who teaches and assists law enforcement in analyzing and identifying deceptive behavior in homicide and other criminal cases. Find out about her stunning accuracy! Facial profiling used for jury selection.

Big Data and Human Behavior
by Eyes for Lies over 2 years ago
Deadly Accident or Murder (Dr. Phil)?
by Eyes for Lies over 2 years ago

Serial Killers Central


Serial Killers Central is a blog about famous serial killers from around the world including some currently active serial killers who are making headlines all over America, UK and South Africa.