Kids' Movies and Television Blog


It's a mad mad world out there when you think of cinema and TV aimed at kids; this site helps you sift through it all and make smart choices.

Get ready for the 4th
about 4 years ago
Using Movies to Get Kids' Creative Juices Flowing
about 4 years ago

Jonas Brothers' Blog


This Myspace blog for the mega-hit-super-power-amazing-boy group features regular updates from the young heartthrobs.

Family Computing Blog


There are natural risks and rewards to allowing your children to surf online, and this helps their experiences to lean strongly toward the former.

Arthur Family Health Site Provides Fun Resources For Kids
about 4 years ago
Tech Tools For Busy Parents
about 4 years ago

Interactive Reader


This blog encourages young people to get involved with their literature, commenting on and discussing favorite contemporary releases.

Elizabeth's Children's Books Blog


Elizabeth helps you to sort through the inundation of amazing titles out there for kids and make the best purchases.

Jen Robinson


"Promoting the love of books by children" is the primary focus of Jen, as well as "the continued reading of children's books by adults."

Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: Read Across America Day, #JoyOfReading + #STEM
by Jen Robinson over 2 years ago
Growing Bookworms Newsletter: World Read Aloud Day 2016
by Jen Robinson over 2 years ago

Kids' Games Blog


Your little one might not yet be ready for Halo or World of Warcraft, and thankfully this blog has found a bunch of appropriate titles for her to enjoy.

Easy Kids Recipes Blog


Trying to raise the next Mario Batali? Start with some basic yet tasty treats that you can make with this site's help.

My Precious Child Safety Blog


You always are on the lookout to safeguard your child's well being, and sites like this can help you be even more vigilant.

Back To School
by Kay almost 4 years ago
My Precious Kid is hiring!
by Kay almost 4 years ago

Fun Kid Birthday Blog


Looking to ensure that your kid's party trumps all the other ones this year? Come here and find ideas to set the celebration apart.

Citizen Kid


"Eco-friendly, fair-trade" toys are the bread and butter of this blog, full of ideas on your child's potential next b-day present.