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E-learning A Online Mandarin Chinese Language


According to experts, using flash cards is quite an effective way to learn something, especially a language. Although Chinese is considered to be a hard language to learn, the use of Chinese flash cards, Chinese language flash cards and hsk flashcards is a good method to teach the language to the students.

Speaking More Than One Language – Mandarin Chinese English


Mandarin is being considered as the next global language by some experts as more and more students flock to study it. Many linguists believe that Mandarin is a difficult language to study

Use English Mandarin Character Dictionary To Learn Chinese


There are endless ways and software that can help you in excelling in a new language. However, the bottom-line comes down to the kind of excitement and eagerness you have.

The Best Applications That Will Help You Learn Chinese


Learning Chinese is not going to be a cakewalk and you need to put in the right efforts to make sure you can enjoy the process of learning a new language.

How To Ace The Art Of Learning Chinese?


Idioms are one of the juiciest parts of any language. They make your language rich and when you go through Chinese idiom dictionary, you will be able to relate with the words and phrases and this makes learning a new language all the more easier.

Revolutionizing education


Remember when you would have to be dragged into class when you were young, screaming and shouting because you didn't want to go to school.

Understanding The Right Ways To Learn The Chinese Language


There is burgeoning number of Westerners wanting to learn Mandarin Chinese as a means of overcoming the language barriers when dealing with business partners or others in China. If you want to learn Chinese efficiently and reasonably quickly, then you will need the right set of resources and the best apps.



The story took place in Warring States Period(476- 221 B.C.) in the principality of Zheng. A business man from Chu, another vassal state wanted to establish a roaring trade for his precious pearls. To this end, he invested everything he had in the decoration and quality of the caskets to fascinate the customers – he effectively bet the bank on the packaging rather than focusing on his actual product. The caskets were made from the costly lily magnolias and carefully steamed with Chinese cassia trees, mountain peppers and other first class spices. Inside and outside the caskets were encrusted with jades, fresh roses and jadeites.



About 2500 years ago, in the Spring and Autumn Period (770- 476 B.C.), lived an old nobleman, Mr. Chu Zhuliang, referred to as Lord Ye (because his fief was a place named“Ye”). He was renowned for his infatuation with dragons. - See more at: http://www.purplepandaglobal.com/blog/lord-ye-professed-to-love-dragons/#sthash.PXoMBuzP.dpuf

Using Chinese character Flashcards To Learn Chinese language


If you really want to learnChinese and excel in its use, you can always make good use of dictionary of Chinese idioms with English translations.

Calling The Deer A Horse


The Chinese idiom 指鹿为马(zhǐ lù wéi mǎ,zhi3 lu4 wei2 ma3)literally means deliberately give a false account of the true facts to reach one’s own immoral purposes.

Retreating As A Condition For Peace


The Chinese idiom 退避三舍(tuì bì sān shè,tui4 bi4 san1 she3)is used to describe a person who makes a compromise on the important issues to avoid a confrontation on issues that matter more. There is a famous story behind it.

The mountain andflowing water


After Zhong died, Yu was devastated and lamented that he had lost the one person who could truly appreciate his playing. He was so heart-broken by Zhong’s passing that he vowed never to play again and broke his Qin into pieces.



The Chinese idiom 卧薪尝胆(wò xīn cháng dǎn, wo4 xin1 chang2 dan3)literally describes a man who encounters failures, but responds with great vigor and constant self-motivation. The idiom was first used in 史记 (shi3 ji4) in the chronicles of State 越 (yue4)

Some Tips and Suggestions to Learn Mandarin Chinese


Mandarin Chinese is considered to be one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn – it is especially difficult to learn for English language speakers.

The Best Way to Clear Your Chinese HSK Exam


If you want to be sure of learning Chinese, one of the key lessons you need to know is that you have to be patient and you must repeat your lessons everyday.

Purple Panda has made the HSK Tests very easy to be passed for the students of Mandarin through the applications of Chinese Learning Flashcards


Chinese language is spoken by more than 800 million people. It is going to be the largest language of the world and sooner or later the official language of all the offices would be the Mandarin Chinese throughout the world. Hence, learning the language would be as necessary as English in the current times.