2 Cents Worth


Blogger David does not enjoy how the nature of learning has been retarded by tradition. Old-fashioned ideas on curriculum and children prevent new methods and techniques from being more widespread, he feels. This blog focuses on how e-learning can provide a much-needed burst of modernization in the educational scene. David challenges textbooks and roots for tablets, and is not afraid to dare to discuss such topics as digital citizenship.

The Decline of a Great State
by David Warlick almost 5 years ago
Sir? Would You Mind Taking this Test?
by David Warlick almost 5 years ago

E-Learning Technology


Students can learn here how to harness the best of new learning technology to improve their habits. The e-learning boom's latest news often shows up here first.

NASA Kids' Club


Buzz Lightyear partners with NASA to provide the ultimate in entertaining blogs -- a fun site where you can learn a ton about science.

Child's Play


A Stanford University researcher composes this blog site about learning habits and boosting brainpower.



This blog is about education, society and technology. The author is an associate professor at National-Louis University in Chicago whose interests are in education and its role and influence on society.

What skills do teaching and corporate work have in common?
by Craig Cunningham over 2 years ago
What's an "envelope link"?
by Craig Cunningham about 3 years ago

Dangerously Irrelevant


A blog about technology in educational institutions, written by Scott Mcleod, a distinguished Associate Professor of Educational Administration at Iowa State University. Witty, entertaining and enlightening all perfectly describe this blog that is an excellent resource for educators.

BloomBoard collection: Rethinking AUPs
by dr.scott.mcleod@gmail.com (Scott McLeod) over 2 years ago
by dr.scott.mcleod@gmail.com (Scott McLeod) over 2 years ago

Mr. C's Class Blog


This class blog, created and maintained by an elementary school teacher, is designed to show how new technology can be used within the educational system to enhance the students learning. Look for posts about education and anecdotes from the classroom.

Sharing Photos
by noreply@blogger.com (William Chamberlain) over 2 years ago
Student Survey
by noreply@blogger.com (William Chamberlain) almost 3 years ago

The Homeschooling Blog


This thoughtful blog is updated regularly from a stay-at-home mother who home-schools her children, one who is diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Learn about the decisions, difficulties and rewards of home-school education.

Everything Homeschooling


This online community offers news, product reviews and advice for homeschooling parents. Additionally, homeschooling parents can join the forums to ask questions and offer advice from a large community of people looking to learn and teach.

Presidents Unit Study
by Sherri Linsenbach over 2 years ago
Heart-Health Activities + Valentines
by Sherri Linsenbach over 2 years ago

Back 2 School Moms


This blog is "all about college for the non-traditional student," including pupils parenting their own young ones at home.

Mama Ph.D.


This mother who at once raises a kid and raises hopes of a Ph.D. writes fluently on the juggling act. Parents and students alike will enjoy this page.

Friday Fragments
by Matt Reed about 4 years ago
Should We Connect on LinkedIn?
by Joshua Kim about 4 years ago

The Center for College Affordability and Productivity


This blog is concerned with administrative and policy issues regarding education. Important links to current news, issues and events as well as well-researched and critical analysis of the US educational system are posted regularly.

How Not to Criticize College Rankings
by Anthony Hennen over 4 years ago
The Political Decisions That Make or Break Unionization
by Matthew LeBar over 4 years ago

Working-Class Perspectives


This blog, maintained by the Center for Working-Class Studies at Youngstown University, examines socioeconomic class systems and its role in society. While this blog does not focus primarily on education, it does discuss the role of class in educational systems and is a good resource for class & education related issues.

Will “Accompanying” Work as an Organizing Principle?
by steeltownusa over 4 years ago
Climate Change and Income Inequality
by peacenick11 over 4 years ago

Successful Teaching


Pat was a public school teacher for 30 years with focus on special education. This blog is full of useful information - it's candid, wise, and best of all, Pat's passion for her career and students comes through in every post.

Useful Information In and Out of the Classroom 2/12/16
by Pat Hensley over 2 years ago
Moth Repellent
by Pat Hensley over 2 years ago

ADD Student


The author of this blog is a mother of three children diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and has created this blog to share her experiences and knowledge on education and ADD. If you are a parent or teacher, this blog provides exceptional information and support links to help you successfully teach and work with ADD and ADHD children.

Free Webinar Training for ADHD Teen Parents!
by DeShawn Wert over 4 years ago
Minding the Gap! CDC Report Finds Treatment Gap
by DeShawn Wert over 4 years ago

The eLearning Coach


This website is a resource for teachers who are interested in creating a successful online educational course for students of all ages and levels. Read here for tips, technology and advice on various types of online learning programs.

Building Courses From Curated Content
by Connie Malamed over 2 years ago
Why is learning transfer so hard?
by Connie Malamed over 2 years ago

The Open Classroom


Australian educator Jo McLeay created this blog as a way to integrate teaching, learning and technology. A big believer in making the most of all the tools available, she encourages teachers worldwide to take advantage of the world wide web as a means of support, inspiration and innovation in the classroom. A great resource for lesson planning, projects and creative learning ideas.



UK author and education expert Doug Belshaw posts insights on improving outcomes, whether that be in or out of the classroom environment. More philosophical and theoretical than practical, Doug's advice is a great source of inspiration for encouraging others to become more productive. He is particularly keen on how education and technology affect and enhance productivity.

#BelshawBlackOps14 has started – see you in January!
by Doug Belshaw over 3 years ago
Curate or Be Curated: Why Our Information Environment is Crucial to a Flourishing Democracy, Civil Society [DMLcentral]
by Doug Belshaw over 3 years ago

Open Educator


An ardent advocate of public education, teacher Graham Wegner maintains a blog in support of classroom innovation and technology. Especially helpful for teachers is his link network, which connects visitors to teaching tips and fresh ideas for keeping classroom learning lively.

The Paradoxical Attraction Of Sports
by Graham over 3 years ago
The Paradoxical Attraction Of Sports
by Graham over 3 years ago