Friendly Atheist


Atheism is one of the most popular and pronounced philosophies known among the general public, and Friendly Atheist is among the movement's most dynamic and deep-thinking blogs. Its founder Richard gained fame for an eBay auction that allowed bidders to request him to spend time in an actual Christian church. That willingness to test belief to its extremities distinguishes the whole site. Regular readers are also invited to ask Richard their most probing atheism-related questions.

Cardinal George Pell Admits “Enormous Mistakes” in Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal
by Hemant Mehta about 2 years ago
Make America Drumpf Again!
by Hemant Mehta about 2 years ago

Atheist Revolution


The Atheist Revolution opposes Christian extremism in America by showcasing several examples on both a national and local level in which religion causes stress, turmoil, and discrimination rather than positivity. The blog reflects the writer's interest in atheism and commitment to improving the position of atheists in a world dominated by religious belief.

Sunday Read: What's the Point of Moral Outrage?
by Jack Vance about 2 years ago
Beginning of the End for Bernie Sanders
by Jack Vance about 2 years ago

The Atheist Jew


The Atheist Jew chronicles the opinions and experiences of a man who denies the existence of God, but by way of definition, is still technically considered a Jew. He explores a variety of issues, including popular culture, current events, and other controversial occurrences.

Where I Stand On Popular Issues
by Baconeater almost 3 years ago
What The Hell Is Wrong With Some Of You
by Baconeater over 3 years ago

Atheist Media Blog


The Atheist Media Blog is your daily source of news and video highlighting atheism, atheists, and/or topics that will be of interest to atheists. The blog also features a list of books and websites for learning more about atheism or living one's life as an atheist.

The Islamic State - Vice
by David over 3 years ago
BBC Panorama: From Jail to Jihad
by Admin over 3 years ago

The Atheist Experience


The Atheist Experience is a weekly live call-in television show sponsored by the Atheist Community of Austin. Although the names are the same, this is an independently run blog that features contributions from current and former hosts and co-hosts of the show.

Open thread on episode #860: Does religion need suffering?
by heicart about 4 years ago
Camp Quest Texas needs YOU
by Russell Glasser about 4 years ago

NonProphet Status


NonProphet Status is a forum for stories promoting atheist-interfaith cooperation, in hopes of catalyzing a movement in which religious and secular individuals can not only peacefully co-exist, but also collaborate around shared values. Unlike other atheist blogs that blatantly denounce and ridicule religion, NonProphet Status seeks to define a new narrative for the secular community--one that respects the religious identities of others while remaining authentic to one's own identities, be they secular, religious, or somewhere in between.

Atheist Ethicist


Religion is often used as a moral compass to help establish right versus wrong and good versus evil. Thus, one may wonder how an atheist--with the absence of religion--develops an idea of right and wrong. The Atheist Ethicist ponders and addresses this question as it presents a view of right and wrong, good and evil, in a universe without gods.

Criticizing an Idea
by noreply@blogger.com (Alonzo Fyfe) over 3 years ago
Legitimate Criticism and Defining Characteristics
by noreply@blogger.com (Alonzo Fyfe) over 3 years ago

Atheist Songs


Atheist Songs highlights the many great songs in the world that have a strong atheist, agnostic, skeptic, freethinker, or pastafarian theme to them. Music showcased on the blog comes from several genres, including rock, pop, and soul.

The Skeptical Seeker


The Skeptical Seeker reveals the thoughts and experiences of an atheist and thoroughgoing naturalist woman in Louisville, KY. She blogs about the creation of meaning and purpose in her life and what it means to be a freethinking atheist woman in modern times.

The Unreligious Right


The Unreligious Right presents the thoughts and views of a highly opinionated right-wing atheist. Posts on the blog are as much about politics as they are religion.

Mississippi Atheists


This blog provides information and resources for atheists living in Mississippi. Many of the posts are specific to atheists residing in Mississippi and other states in the south, although some of the information is relevant to atheists in general.

Looks Like Mississippi is Keeping the Confederate Flag
by Jack Vance about 2 years ago
Ask Legislators to Oppose Religious Exemptions for Child Vaccinations (HB 939)
by Jack Vance about 2 years ago

The Blessed Atheist Bible Study


The Blessed Atheist Bible Study analyzes the Bible from an atheist perspective. The blogger argues that viewing the Bible through both a literal and judgmental lens is a great way to view its absurdities, consequently using Christians' own tools to defeat them.

The Atheist Conservative


The Atheist Conservative brings you news, reviews, commentary, and opinions from a team of four writers who are all atheist conservatives. Post cover everything from politics to current affairs to the state of humanity in general.

How “democratic socialism” blighted Scandinavia
by jbecker about 2 years ago
Idiotic promises (or the bs of BS)
by jbecker about 2 years ago



Skepchick is a group of women and one guy who write about science, skepticism, and pseudoscience. The group tackles diverse topics ranging from astronomy and astrology, to psychics and psychology. Curiosity and a challenging of tradition and the "norm" are key characteristics of this blog, and the team leader of Skepchick delivers entertaining ideas on science, atheism, and much more.

Going Dry: How To Talk About Wine Sweetness
by Julia Burke about 2 years ago
Quickies: Goats Breastfeeding Babies, Sexual Harassment in Indie Music, and “Slavery with a Smile”
by Mary about 2 years ago

Foxhole Atheism


The Foxhole Atheism blog serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it is an open forum for free thinkers to share their ideas and experiences while also providing support and understanding towards members of the virtual community who may be in a figurative foxhole with respect to their beliefs. Secondly, the blog serves as a sort of journal for the blogger to share his own encounters and experiences with atheism as he ponders the ins and outs of religion and his own beliefs and disbeliefs.

Godless Girl


Godless Girl shares her opinion on a number of issues related to her beliefs, other people's beliefs, and life in general. She believes that atheist is an identity that is normal and unremarkable, just like any other ordinary trait. Some featured posts on her blog include "Should Atheists and Christians be Friends?" and "Would You Go Back to Faith?"

Relationship Funerals & The Way We Say Goodbye
by Godless Girl about 2 years ago
Be the One to Turn On the Light
by Godless Girl about 3 years ago

Living After Faith


Living After Faith is a virtual support group for avid atheists and questioning skeptics who want friendship and community. The Purpose of Living After Faith is to provide that support and companionship, regardless of where one is on the spectrum of disbelief. The bloggers' idea is to show atheists that there are lots of people doing just what they are.

Religious Trauma Syndrome - Episode 71
by rich@livingafterfaith.com (Rich and Deanna Joy Lyons) over 4 years ago

The Pragmatic Denial


The Pragmatic Denial is written my a man who spent his college years pursuing a degree as a Christian minister, but just as he began the post-graduation job search, he became extremely turned off to the faith and the idea of making a living out of the fear and weakness of others. Most of the posts on his blog reflect a hostile attitude towards all religion, and focus on establishing their absurdities and inconsistencies.

Unreasonable Faith


Unreasonable Faith presents reasonable ideas and thoughts on religion, science, and skepticism. The blog's creator, Daniel Florien, was a fervent, evangelical Christian for over a decade before rejecting the faith and considering himself an atheist and a skeptic. A number of other contributors also write posts for the blog.

Arizona Atheist


Ken, better known as Arizona Atheist, blogs about the reasons he doesn't believe in any higher power or religion of any kind. His self-expressed main goal is to spread truth and knowledge to the masses, especially regarding their errors in the areas of science, history, and other topics.

I Am Finished Blogging...
by Arizona Atheist over 2 years ago
Noam Chomsky on the American Empire
by Arizona Atheist almost 3 years ago

Common Sense Atheism


This blog's aim is to promote rational thinking and naturalism as a means of encouraging people to refine their thoughts and beliefs towards deities. The blogger contends that belief in God requires one to use double standards in their thinking. The goal of this blog is to expose those double standards.

My new personal blog: LukeMuehlhauser.com
by Luke Muehlhauser almost 4 years ago

An Apostate's Chapel


This blog discusses a former Protestant minister turned atheist's indoctrination into evangelical Christianity and his escape from that perspective towards a more enlightened, rational position. The blog is also a place for philosophical and political musings, and occasional attempts at humor.

The Atheist Rabbi


The Atheist Rabbi is a secular humanistic rabbi's blog. The blogger takes a secular, skeptical, non-theistic, humanistic approach to religion, specifically focusing on Jewish culture.

The Dyslectic Atheist


The Dyslectic Atheist highlights some of the most absurd and obsessive instances of religion at play in modern society. The information and claims made in some of the posts might seem outrageous, but it is all true, and all reflective of some religion.

The Threesome – an Orgy of Stupidity:
by John_poson26 over 4 years ago

Agnostic Thinking...


This blog talks about agnosticism, atheism, rational thinking, gay subculture, and other related topics. The blogger considers himself a Rationalist, and claims that he can find no way to rationally justify a belief in a personal god.