Women in Crime Ink


Lady killers and femme fatales need not apply to contribute to this all-female blog. The women here all stand on the upright side of the law and provide cogent and thoughtful opinions on all sectors of the criminological environment. The writers boast a diversity of backgrounds: Some are current or former defense attorneys, others claim healthy careers as crime authors, and still more are criminal profiles and private investigators. Proof that though it's a man's world, women know best how to keep it in check.

The Walter Scott Shooting
by Pat Brown over 3 years ago
Crime Writing: The Almost New York Times Bestseller
by Cathy Scott almost 4 years ago

Neurological Correlates


This is the perfect blog for anyone insatiable about uncovering the ins and outs of the human psyche, disturbances to which often lead to a life led in crime and violence. This site concentrates on what makes tick the brains of psychopaths and narcissists, among other prototypes of dysfunctional behavior. The writers then take the further step and clarify brain connections to criminal activity and violent tendency. A great site that helps you figure out the "why" after the "what" and "how" are known.

Berklier-than-thou: Ethical vegetarians are the most obnoxiously judgmental of all vegetarians
by swivelchair about 4 years ago
We ask again: Do psychopaths have messed up myelin?
by swivelchair about 4 years ago

Cambridge Ph.D. Candidates' Criminology


The preeminent British institution sponsors this crime blog to which its current students regularly contribute. Their studies provide refreshing new insights to the field.

Bent Society


Bent Society, the origin of Gonzo Criminology, looks int the bent side of everything. We are particularly interested in harmful fallacies, myths, quackery, crime mongers, criminals, tartuffians, hypocrites and charlatans with undue influence.

World Criminology


This is a blog site for anyone interested in working in the criminal investigative world. If that describes what you want, this site has all that you need. With information from salaries to what course you should take.

Dreamin Demon


This is described as an "uncensored blog" about criminal behavior combined with a scattering of fiction and non-fictional resources about additional "doom and gloom" topics.

Kindergarten Teacher, 47, Busted Having Sexual Relationship With 14-Year-Old Boy
by Morbid over 2 years ago
Teen Accused Of Killing 4-Year-Old Brother By Holding Him In Tub Of Hot Water
by Morbid over 2 years ago

Inside the Minds of Female Serial Killers


Written by a forensic psychologist and private investigator, this blog looks at murder committed by females, with a special interest in female serial killers.



The CrimeDime is the information bank, the snitch hotline, the inside track on crime, criminal justice, and criminology. It is written by criminologists and criminal justice professionals who counted the til and came up short. It’s the lucky penny you just found on the sidewalk of the information superhighway, the fifty cent piece that doesn’t fit in any vending machine, and the dollar coin that got lost in your coat pocket.