Haden Interactive


Haden Interactive blog is geared in assisting copywriters everywhere to perk up and develop their website attributes while also providing opportunity to increase revenue. With navigating ease Rebecca Haden quite often provides authentic illustrations, many using screenshots to convey crucial and significant views.

Google, Europe’s High Court, and Reputation Management
by Rebecca Haden about 4 years ago
Can You Skip Linkbuilding?
by Rebecca Haden about 4 years ago



ProCopyTips doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to supplying amazing tips to create bright and intelligent efficient copywriters. With checklists, How-to Guides, Writing Basics and Writing tools Dean Rieck exhaust every possible move.

Success Works


Heather Lloyd-Martin has 20+ years expertise in the specialty of SEO copy writers. Her blog Success Works is composed by way of a relaxed and informal approach. Because its direction is concentrated toward realistic advice that is written in a no-nonsense manner, its resource value to copy writers is priceless.

Diversify or die
by Heather Lloyd-Martin over 4 years ago
SEO and content writing tips: Week ending March 11, 2014
by Tracy Mallette over 4 years ago



Copyblogger is a head above others as it does the incredible task of assisting copy writers to revamp and enhance their creative skills in a variety of different ways. Brian Clark provides some fantastic copy writing tips in areas such as content, email, and internet marketing and of course SEO copy writing. And this is the tip of the iceberg.

Content Marketing and Advertising Meet in a Dark Alley: Who Wins, and Why?
by Demian Farnworth over 2 years ago
Rainmaker Rewind: 12 Tips for Creating Calls to Action that Work on LinkedIn Pulse
by Caroline Early over 2 years ago

Bob Bly Copywriter


Bob Bly Copywriter site is just plain fascinating read for a copywriter. With brief but very astute thoughts on the “mail” items such as e-mail, junk mail, direct mail, plus the difference of a good and great marketer, Bob’s blog is one to be reckoned with.

Hello world!
by mineminemine over 2 years ago
Do you know these marketing rules of thumb?
by Bob Bly almost 3 years ago

The Copywriter's Crucible


The Copywriter’s Crucible is an extremely informative and instructive. With positive articles like how Facebook is and enormous boon for copywriters, is it any wonder that Matt Ambrose’s blog is so popular.

My Morning Routine
by Matt Ambrose over 2 years ago
How a Dog Helped De Beers to Sell More Diamonds
by Matt Ambrose over 2 years ago

World Copywriting Blog


World Copywriting Blog is full of it. Full of handy hints, savvy secrets and tried, tested and approved methods for copywriters who aim is to succeed. What got us to thinking is when David suggested that copywriters should start assimilating the role of entrepreneurs. Interesting.

Men with Pens


While copy writing may not be an exact science, Men With Pens seem to have it down to an art. We especially love topics that touched bases ways copywriters develop progress and possibly over periods of time. If fact, this blog site seems to have all their copy writing ducks in a row.

Win a scholarship in the Damn Fine Words writing contest
by James Chartrand over 2 years ago
6 easy ways to improve readability in 5 minutes or less
by James Chartrand over 2 years ago

Freelance Copywriting


Freelance Copywriting has a never ending wealth of information that will be sure to please the most passionate of copywriter’s aficionados. Kate Naylor’s warmth, wit and abilities totally encompass a wide region that included marketing, advertising and more.

Diary post – Dreaming of Travel Utopia
by Kate Goldstone about 4 years ago
Tired and emotional – The human side of writing quality content
by Kate Goldstone about 4 years ago

Freelance Copywriter's Blog


Sally Ormond’s blog shows off her copy-writing zeal as they keep those of us conversant in all types of copy writing issues. The Freelance Copywriter’s Blog is really a true asset for any freelance copy writer.

How Not to Write Email Marketing Subject Lines
by admin almost 4 years ago
Email Marketing is Too Easy to Get Wrong
by admin almost 4 years ago



As a blogging copy writer, Sarah Turner conveys her nuggets of knowledge on copy writing through her delicious blog, Turnerink. Her illustrious know-how shines through in areas of SEO and website copy writing and selling by email and direct mail. Be sure to her “should read” book list.

Copywriting Blog


Miguel Alvarez knows that not everyone who is a copy writer in this copy-writing world feels secure that they are performing up to their potential. Because of his Miguel utilizes his site, Copywriting Blog in the role of support for the self-doubting copy writer.

Ted Nicholas: Headlines that sell millions
by Copywriting.com almost 4 years ago
Gaining trust and authority through the power of quotations
by Copywriting.com almost 4 years ago

Marketing Words Copywriting Blog


Concentrated is the key word for Karon Thackston and her Marketing Words Copywriting Blog as she rolls up her sleeves and digs in discussing assorted copy writing subjects. Her excitement about the field emits as she gives informative tips and articles that are guaranteed to be attention-grabbing.

Testing & Tweaking Boost Sales & Save You Money
by Karon Thackston about 4 years ago
Building Content Marketing Funnels with Specific Goals
by Karon Thackston about 4 years ago

Copywriting Dean


Copywriting Dean has a mega amount of copy writing experience in his life time belt and is not particularly prudish about sharing his enormous wealth of information on his blog. If you are puffed up on getting the no-holds-barred low down on copy witting plus then this is the stop for you.

Divine Write


Glenn Murry portrays a copy writer with the patience of Job as he cajoles those who visit Divine Write about the art of copy-writing through blogging articles, tidbits, and anything else that he feels is advantageous. For those copy writing followers needing a “tender touch” be sure to stop on by Glenn’s blog site.

How do you make technical copy easy to read?
by Glenn Murray over 4 years ago
Just $99/hr – Copy and design
by Glenn Murray over 4 years ago

American Copywriter


Bloggers John January and Tug McTighe are conscious that even the most infinitesimal happening in the copy writing gamut is a major event. Because of this on their blog, American Copywriter you will find amazing up dated information as they keep both themselves and copy writing followers abreast.

Trevor Crook Blog


Trevor Crook maintains his blog like a well wounded watch as he provides easy on the eyes articles that are peppered with copy writing pointers to prepare one for the copy writing sector. Trevor also is munificent enough to give totally free, all of his copy writing secrets via a mp3.

Michel Fortin On Copywriting, Marketing And Life


Michel Fortin On Copywriting, Marketing and Life is a extremely informative weekly copy writing blog from an exceptionally informative person. Michel is eager to share his knowledge on copy-writing, Internet marketing and developmental skills, and he is definitely eager to share his personal opinions.

We’re Going “Wild” Around Here!
by Michel Fortin over 4 years ago
I’m Busting a Move (Again!)
by Michel Fortin over 4 years ago



BenSettle.com is jammed with stupendous copy writing statistics. The blog has tantalizing tips, attention-grabbing interviews & first-rate examples. So for you copy-writing bloggers who want the best of the best in copy writing be sure to follow thee extremely talented Ben Settle.

A Sales Pitch Can’t Get More Blatant Than This
by Ben Settle over 2 years ago
I Fucking Love Email Non-Science
by Ben Settle over 2 years ago

Copy Write


Truly objective analysis is increasingly difficult to find. Jonathan Crossfield’s Copy Write blog examines a wide range of writing topics, never failing to pierce the heart of an issue. At times irreverent and other times dead serious, Crossfield’s opinion is always worth reading.

Why 85% of Marketing Statistics are Just Bad Advice
by Jonathan Crossfield over 2 years ago
When Facts Are Free Your Content Needs More Punch!
by Jonathan Crossfield over 2 years ago

GlobalReach Copywriting


Ann-Christin Lindstedt’s blog GlobalReach Copywriting is rich with advice and tips, examples and warnings. She guides copy writers with a firm hand to guarantee their global message is heard clearly and clearly understood. GlobalReach Copywriting is the blog for you if your marketing circumference is vast and varied.

Precise English SEO Copywriting Blog


SEO Copywriting & Proofreading Blog – Precisely is exactly that. All about maintaining proper and “precise” English while copy writing, and of course proofreading all those proper words. Throw in some informative news stories and advice article and there you have the totality of this amazing site.

Web inventor calls for online version of the Magna Carta
by preciseadmin almost 4 years ago
Microsoft set to soon reveal new version of Windows
by preciseadmin almost 4 years ago

The Copy Lounge


Doug Jenner is a talented UK copywriter who is incredibly informative as well as being wonderfully entertaining. His blog The Copy Lounge certainly vouches for him as he meander through his blog with thoughts and thoughtful comments on assorted copy-writing themes.



Sam Thewlis blog Clarity urges you to be bold and brave in voice and appearance while promoting yourself. Delve into Clarity and you will gain knowledge in numerous subjects including copy writing, information propagation, and special training. Clarify your copy writing life in Clarity.

Words That Sell


Kristina Mills copy writing blog tenders up bona fide working tips, case studies and illustrations of advertising and marketing copy that sells, sells, sell - ads, email promotions, letters, SEO and website copy and etcetera. Unearth what Words That Sell can bring to light.

by Kristina Mills over 4 years ago