Beautiful on Raw


You'll notice that people on the raw diet seem to have a glow in their skin and smiles; this site helps you to earn that polish. Tonya Zavasta is the author of this blog and has done extensive research on raw foods to and cam up with what she calls The Rawsome Diet. Her story is fascinating.

How to Get Rid of Age Spots
by Tonya Zavasta almost 4 years ago
Guide to an Ageless Face
by Tonya Zavasta almost 4 years ago

My Years Without Sugar


What? No...sugar! Relax, candy addicts; making a full-time transition from sweet to savory is a rewarding experience. You will find fantastic recipes with many alternatives for sweetening your favorite foods.

The Sugar Blaaaaaahhhhhs
by noreply@blogger.com (My Year Without) over 4 years ago

Ani Phyo


Ani Phyo is the author of this blog and is very predominant figure in the raw community. She has been featured in many major magazines such as Food & Wine for her creative recipes. She will make you want to try a raw food diet!

The Veg Blog


This blog was started with the intention of providing a point of view a new vegetarian has in an attempt to help other new vegetarians, or just people trying to cut some meat out of their diets. You will find a wealth of information on the resources page of this site to help you begin your vegan diet.

Ten Years Vegan
by ryan over 3 years ago



This vegan food blog features articles like The Starch Solution and other posts that are tailored to specific questions and challenges. The recipes on this for a vegan thanksgiving look absolutely delicious. This site has a great number of resources for all kinds of vegan products.

Eastern Philosophy
by Erin over 4 years ago
Is Carrageenan Safe?
by Erin over 4 years ago

Frederic Patenaude


Mr. Patenaude likes sharing his passion about raw foods and health. If you are looking for tips, ideas and recipes to increase your energy, then you are in the right place. Resources are plentiful to help you in your quest for a healthy lifestyle.

The Myth of Variety and a Balanced Diet
by Frederic Patenaude over 4 years ago
The “Power” in Willpower is Glucose
by Frederic Patenaude over 4 years ago

Jenna Norwood


Jenna Norwood is in demand as a speaker on the subjects of health & well-being, detoxing, healthy weight loss and the impact of our food choices on our environment. She has been featured in many major magazines radio and T.V. shows for her knowledge of healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

Real Food Tulsa


Penni Shelton is a holistic health enthusiast, writer, educator and the Program Director at Raw Food Rehab. She is passionate about preparing foods from their raw state to create dishes that have texture and flavors that tempt your senses.

Thank you... RFT is signing off
by noreply@blogger.com (Penni) over 4 years ago
Tropical Mango Turmeric Tango
by noreply@blogger.com (Penni) over 4 years ago



Philip McCluskey lost -- this is not a joke -- two hundred pounds with raw food; marvel at his accomplishment here.

In the Raw


This is the true journey of one girl's transition into the land of raw foods after being sick and tired all the time. There are articles and recipes on raw food living along with some great photos. This site will make you smile!



The women bloggers of this site reject any sort of formal categorization of their existences and write simply about the freedom of being themselves.

Christian Nymphos


This blog exemplifies the wanton longings of even the most button-up and tight-laced lovers of the Lord.

Black Women in Europe


From Josephine Baker to Lena Horne, Black women of legend have been taking Europe by storm; click here for news on the latest African-American ladies on the continent.

Vienna Meet Up
by B.W.I.E (™) almost 4 years ago
aMASE: advancing Migrant Access to health Services in Europe
by B.W.I.E (™) almost 4 years ago

We Are The Real Deal


This blog functions as a place where "women of all shapes, sizes, colors, lifestyles, opinions, and beliefs on can come together to talk." It's more lively forum than love-in, though.

You’re so beautiful, but…
by MamaV about 4 years ago
Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Plate
by iaedp about 4 years ago

Women's Glib


Oftentimes, the feminist movement is criticized for being too harsh and rampaging. Blogs like these support "feminism with ease."

Feminist Philosophers


It's important for every woman to be well-versed in the rich literature and rhetoric of generations past. This blog offers news that new "feminist philosophers can use."

Very simple demonstration…
by Jender over 2 years ago
Firing Melissa Click was messed up, and you don’t have to like what she did to think so.
by philodaria over 2 years ago

My Fault, I'm Female


"Do you sometimes feel that it's your fault you were born female?" Visit this site and voice your concerns about unreasonable treatment here.



Where feminism and imagination combine, wondrous results can surface. This blog shows that women who dream have amazing power.

Sexism in the Gaming World
by Ellen Keim over 2 years ago
Call Me What I Tell You to Call Me
by Ellen Keim about 3 years ago

Friendly Atheist


Atheism is one of the most popular and pronounced philosophies known among the general public, and Friendly Atheist is among the movement's most dynamic and deep-thinking blogs. Its founder Richard gained fame for an eBay auction that allowed bidders to request him to spend time in an actual Christian church. That willingness to test belief to its extremities distinguishes the whole site. Regular readers are also invited to ask Richard their most probing atheism-related questions.

Cardinal George Pell Admits “Enormous Mistakes” in Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal
by Hemant Mehta over 2 years ago
Make America Drumpf Again!
by Hemant Mehta over 2 years ago