Back 2 School Moms


This blog is "all about college for the non-traditional student," including pupils parenting their own young ones at home.

The Financial Aid Blog


In terms of title, this blog cannot be beat for direct helpfulness on the scholarship search front. Yet the site doesn't rest on the laurels of its name, thankfully. The posts here provide important and charming information on unique and effective ways in which students can track down the most meaningful scholarship offerings. What is more, the site rounds out its free-funds coverage with significant news clippings from other corners of the college conversation.

Ultimate Guide to College Grants and Scholarships for Minorities
by Amelia over 4 years ago
A Student’s Guide to Finding the Best College Scholarships
by Amelia over 4 years ago

Go Financial Aid


Unless you have saved enough money for your entire degree or you have rich parents, chances are you will need financial aid. This site deals with everything you need to know.

Paying for College


This site focuses on educational financial aid in the state of Virginia. Many of the posts, though, can be applied to situations nationwide.

Affordable options for higher education
by schev almost 3 years ago
Becoming Student Loan Savvy
by schev about 3 years ago

My Loans Consolidated


Student loans can add up quickly when not attended to. This site helps you find options to keep your payments low.

More Money: College


From Money Magazine comes this financial aid site with a focus on student loans. Many ways to stay afloat financially can be found here too.

Pay for College


This blog locates scholarships within a larger plan of attack to reduce college money needs overall. Parents can also help their kid become more budget-conscious here.

College Funding Checklist for the Final Days of Summer
by Deborah Fox almost 4 years ago

How to Pay for College Without Going Broke


HTPCWGB provides a great deal of strong financial aid advice. But it couples it with a bunch of tips on scoring that college acceptance letter.

How to Pay for College Tuition


Families looking for the most worthwhile strategies to making college affordable turn here. Scholarship advice is offered alongside budgeting and frugality counsel.



Future college kids are handed an abundance of attractive scholarships to apply for while receiving sage advice for life on campus here. Time management and choices of major are among the areas of counsel.

10 Colleges with the Cheapest Room and Board Fees
over 3 years ago
Register and Win $500 from Scholarships.com
over 3 years ago

More than a Test Score


Billing itself as the must-read blog for high school students aiming at college is a lofty claim to make. Yet the site uses such a big statement to draw attention to its larger purpose: reminding students that they are not entirely defined by the results of their SAT and AP exams. Many of the posts here (that don't concentrate on a scholarship any savvy applicant would attempt) whet students' appetites on the dreamy college life that awaits them, if only they earn the necessary funds to realize the reverie.

Bad Grade? Bounce Back in 5 Steps
by Guest Blogger over 4 years ago
Weekly Scholarship Winner: Brianna Taylor
by Jordan Smallwood over 4 years ago



Blogger Enid loves "helping students find the right path" to their education dreams. She also recognizes how crucial financial aid can be toward that goal.

Good Grades, Low SAT Score: What Gives?
by nextstepu about 3 years ago
Tuesday Tour Day — Utica College
by Laura Sestito about 3 years ago

School Grants Blog


This blog uniquely specializes in the needs of students who are on the hunt for grants. The explanations of myriad grant types and FAFSA prep advice really stand out.

Nursing Assistant (Nurse’s Aide) Grants and Scholarships
by grantofficer over 4 years ago

College Athletic Scholarships


You may not be recruited by the NBA straightaway. But your skills on the court can help to pay the bills for the classroom.

College Athletic Recruiting Network


Sometimes student athletes who deserve a college education can fall through the cracks. This site helps those students use their sports skills and earn free studies.

Campus Grotto


"The inside source for college," Campus Grotto is great for advice on life on campus. And there are also a lot of posts on earning the money to afford it.

The Future of College Admissions
over 2 years ago
Best Bikes for College: Tips from a College Bike Expert
almost 3 years ago

Graduate School


Blogger Tara tames the process of writing a dissertation by explaining its purpose and actual ability to be accomplished. Readers also pick up tips on the realities of grad school.

Should You Earn a Graduate Degree Online?
about 4 years ago
Does Appearance Count in Grad School?
about 4 years ago

Minority Grad Student


Many colleges are doing what they can to boost the number of women and minorities in their programs. This site helps such students find schools to fund them.

Fox College Funding


It's easy to forget that managing your financial aid is a year-round process. This site keeps you on track no matter the season.

Saving for College


The idea of saving up thousands of dollars for school can be daunting. This site makes the process of making your own financial aid more manageable.