Childbirth Today


This blogger is more than qualified to write on the topic of childbirth. With over 30 years experience as a childbirth educator, journalist, and birth researcher, Connie Livingston seeks to educate women so that they can make informed decisions during childbirth.

Five Tips for Staying Healthier This Holiday Season!
by Connie Livingston over 3 years ago
Birth Rocks Academy in UK
by Connie Livingston over 3 years ago

Science & Sensibility


Through Lamaze International, Science and Sensability brings the perfect balance of instinct and science to childbirth. With helpful tips, reading materials and exercises this blog will help you get a great feel for the world of natural childbirth and every option.

Is Your Favorite in the Top Five? – Science & Sensibility’s Five Most Popular Posts
by Sharon Muza over 4 years ago
Series: Journey Towards LCCE Certification – Update: Preparing for the Exam
by Sharon Muza over 4 years ago

Meconium Happens


Aside from the disturbing title, Meconium Happens is blog written by "fledgling midwife" as she comes across new experiences and life quandaries. She blogs about those special stories but she also brings heart with lyrics and anything she considers nice. Check out One Hot Mama's post It Feels Like the Very First Time.

Preparing for Birth


Committed to "[g]rowing confident, equipped families and birth professionals," this site amasses information that supplies both mothers-to-be and midwives with highly-detailed articles on childbirth. Use the right-hand column's tag section to refine your search.

Childbirth Education Myths 3
by Tiffany Miller over 4 years ago
Childbirth Education Myths 2
by Tiffany Miller over 4 years ago

Midwife Thinking


As a homebirth midwife and lecturer this blogger seeks to encourage information sharing and discussion about birth. Expect research, birth stories, critical thinking, videos, artwork and debate

The Human Microbiome: considerations for pregnancy, birth and early mothering
by midwifethinking over 4 years ago
The Future of Midwifery and Homebirth in Australia?
by midwifethinking over 4 years ago

Homebirth: A Midwife Mutiny


Out of Australia, this blogger strives to bring pregnancy and birth out of a hospital setting. In addition to some very informative articles, there are quite a few videos of a variety of different kinds of births.

Passion for Birth- Childbirth Education Training


Ideal for expectant mothers, midwives, childbirth educators, and those seeking careers in the field of childbirth. This site has succinctly amassed information for over five years and is chock-full of resources.

Talk Birth


Written by a midwife based in Missouri, this site is both informative and interesting. It amasses a wealth of articles that are easy-to-navigate through.

Yahoo with a Doppler!
by talkbirth about 4 years ago
Recipe: Wild Raspberry Cobbler
by talkbirth about 4 years ago

Spinning Babies Blog


With over five years' worth of posts, this blog explores an expanse of midwifery-related topics, including the physiological, mental, and emotional aspects of childbirth.

Maternal Positioning Needs Better Understanding
by Spinning Babies Lady over 2 years ago
Don’t say Posterior? Does silence serve?
by Spinning Babies Lady over 2 years ago

Birth Activist: Bloggin' For Better Births


This page is concise, consistently-updated, and utilizes multimedia, which makes it an easy and enjoyable read. Plus, with over 6 years of archived articles, your bound to find something addressing your specific needs.

Bloom Spokane


Bloom Spokane promotes mother-friendly maternity care, encourages informed health care decisions, and strives to improve our community’s birth culture. Our mission is to improve the quality of maternity care in Spokane, WA by supporting and educating local childbearing families and health care professionals. The blog features articles of local as well as national interest on topics of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum issues.

Bloom Fest 2014 Workshops
by Cait Hennessy almost 4 years ago
How Fathers Can Support Breastfeeding
by Cait Hennessy almost 4 years ago