A diagnosis of cancer can frequently find their victims clamming up on their experiences; the shame and the pain are just too much to share with others. The blogger of this site definitely felt this way but decided to embark on something adventurous in order to overcome her trepidation: develop a blog themed on a persona of triumph. ChemoBabe is that persona, and she enables her writer to craft thoughtful and powerful posts on the art of getting over the chemo therapy and killing the cancer.

Putting my story to the side
by Chemobabe over 4 years ago

Online Cancer Guide


Nearly two dozen varieties of cancer find specialty pages here on this prolific blog page. It focuses on enlisting the best resources to help you take out cancer now.

Are you at a Risk of Leukemia?
by admin4 over 3 years ago
Know all about Kidney Cancer Survival Rate
by admin4 over 3 years ago

Jen's 3N Breast Cancer Chemo + Radiation Blog


Written for the author's friends and family during her "journey through the morass of healing this triple negative breast cancer," this blog accounts every step along the way to healing.

Cat Sneezing
by asep elix almost 3 years ago
Cat Spray
by asep elix almost 3 years ago

Chemotherapy Blog


A well-updated and detailed blog jam-packed with information regarding all facets of cancer and cancer treatment. Objective and informative.

Chemo Savvy: Headwear for Hardtimes


A cancer survivor openly shares her tactics in disguising the inevitable hair loss caused by chemotherapy. An inspiring and practical guide.

The Boredom Blog


After med student Jared was diagnosed with cancer, he decided to become a surgeon. This site is his creative outlet, documenting his experience undergoing chemotherapy.

Message to My Girl – Media
by Hannah over 2 years ago
Message to my Girl 1.1
by Hannah over 2 years ago

Chemotherapy Lung Cancer Blog


A recently-created website that is focused on healing lung cancer through chemotherapy.



This blog is self-described as "Rants, Raves and Lunacy of Living with Hodgkins Lymphoma," but it so much more. It reminds us that cancer patients are people too, with personal lives and concerns extending far beyond the reach of the disease.

My Breast Cancer Journey


I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. This is my story so far.