Time Leadership


No matter how far in management you are, even at the top of the company, without time management skills, you can falter from being a so-so leader to a fantastic leader. This blog is devoted to helping you make better use of your time.

More Xavier Austen Pictures
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Xavier Charles Estill Austen
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800 CEO Read


This blog is the brainchild of a business book company that wanted to expedite the shipment of informative literature. Their posts are the fastest and funnest ways to that end.

Thinker in Residence: Nicholas Carr
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An Excerpt from Chinese Rules
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Stephen H. Baum CEO Coach


Stephen H. Baum offers many insightful entries, such as looking in the mind of a CEO. When you can think like a CEO, you can begin acting like one.

Jesus Led Business


Helping business owners and entrepreneurial-minded readers learn, grow, and get inspired.

My Life And Work Management


This blog is the CEO's resource on how to improve on personal work-life balance and management.