No Autistics Allowed


The webpage associated with "The Autism Crisis." Features the writer's published articles on edgy and controversial topics.

Knowledge for people


Provides awareness and education about Autism Spectrum Disorder to communities and countries unfamiliar with the disorder.

No Stereotypes Here


Corina has devoted her life to promoting autism acceptance. If someone in your family or circle of friends has autism, you can get help here from someone who is personally experienced in the matter.

Social Assistance, Poverty, and the Cost of Living
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NeuroTribes Review
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Natural Variation Autism Blog


This blog looks to do away with the myths and false information affiliated with autism.

Autism Street


Educates and brings awareness to autism. Calls for action and exposes myths.

Autism Light


A blog telling the inspiring stories of diverse heroes in and for the autism community. Heroes mentioned come from around the world and include parents, individuals with autism, professionals, organizations, websites, and even an occasional animal. The author is Alan Stokes, a father of a child with autism, who hopes that sharing Autism Light will encourage the autism community to rally for the cause in unity and to make a difference with the time, treasure, and talents we have been given.

Cam Newton
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Michael Hannon
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Four Sea Stars


This is about the daily grind with young kids ages 7, 5, and 1 and everything that goes with it. From wishing I were somewhere else (more often than you would like to know) to how I'm managing to get through the day without totally loosing the plot. My oldest has Asperger's and he's the best behaved out of the whole lot.



Discussions of neurodiversity trans-identity and experiences on being on the spectrum. With smatterings of fiction and artwork

Autism Sunday


The latest news on Autism Sunday launched in 2002 by British autism campaigners Ivan and Charika Corea. Autism Sunday is now a massive worldwide event celebrating the lives of 67 million people with autism.

I'll Be Your Water


A twenty-something wife of 1 and mom to 2, the youngest having autism. Also a sexual abuse survivor, an equal opportunity advocate, and full-time (under-grad) psych student.

Sensory Processing Disorder


Learn all you can about Sensory Processing Disorder. Children impacted by Autism may have signs or symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder.

Autism Social Club


This is a new blog created by me. I am a teacher and an actor. This is for all of us to share with one another our hopes, struggles, tears and cheers. This is for all us, teachers, family members, and you.

Making Congregations Inclusive of People with Disabilities


Many congregations, no matter what the religion, have closed their doors to, or do not know how best to include people with disabilities. In this blog I will report stories of friends, myself, and others who have been excluded and included by congregations

Autism Mom


My blog is related to autism acceptance, advice to parents and ideas to help our children thrive.

The Inspiration to Write
by Sarah over 4 years ago

Aspergers Teens in Crisis


Our goal is to provide teens and young adults with Aspergers Syndrome support and a safe place when in crisis. By offering a peer-to-peer “crisis chat line” which would allow teens and young adults with Aspergers, who may be in crisis, to chat with another teen with Aspergers who truly understands what their peer is going through (it is so important for young people to feel they have a safe place to talk about their feelings), offering education to parents, family members and friends (teaching them ways to notice signs of crisis in their son or daughter), offering “Social Meet-Ups” so teens with Aspergers can meet other teens in a fun setting (“Assateague Bonfire Night”, bowling, hiking, computer and gaming classes just to name a few) and offer support and friendship to each other with the guidance of adults who care.

Our Journey on the Spectrum


A blog about our family that is affected by autism but not defined by it. We are a family of four, and my oldest son Jameson was diagnosed at age 2. My hope is to cause more awareness of autism and create a safe place for moms feel encouraged.

Finding and Fitting the Pieces


Insights, information, real life stories that will inspire and help raise awareness on autism.

Philosophical Writings from the Late 20th to Early 21st Century


This blog covers experiences and awareness from an undiagnosed perspective. There is a strong influence on philosophy. Primarily the blog's purpose is to share life experiences and moral support. It also promotes the authors hope of becoming published in other areas aside from the autistic field.

Dyslexia And Me


A mature university graduate sharing the trials and triumphs of living with Dyslexia and Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome I decided to create a blog to share my journey seeing life through a dyslexic lens. I was diagnosed after leaving compulsory education when, at the age of 25, I decided to go back to college and university to study a degree that fascinated me, in History, Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Studies. It came as no real shock as I had struggled through school with little to no support. I ended up dropping out of school before gaining any real qualifications because both my schools refused to recognise there was a problem with my reading and writing abilities. Despite being widely recognised as a learning difficulty, I view my dyslexia as an ability! Although I struggle with reading and writing, my thought process is quite different to those around me. Instead of seeing things in a linear way from A to B, I take a different approach, which can be positive in looking at things as a whole. I hope to highlight the issues with dyslexia and scotopic sensitivity syndrome for those who wish to understand this (dis)ability more. I am also writing this blog in the hope to inspire those with dyslexia who have yet to embrace the positive side of our so called ‘learning difficulty’ by showing that the ability to think outside of the box can be an ability in itself!