Mays China Business Study Abroad Blog


Hosted by the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University, students travel to China to study and live for four weeks. Students write about visiting the Great Wall, visiting the 2008 Olympic venues and eating wonderful cuisines not found in the U.S.

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Saying bye to BAEjing
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Love Conquers All


Join this Filipina thrill-seeker, on her travel and extreme adventures (from the depths of the sea to the summits of the mountains) in the Philippines and beyond. All for the love of travel and adventure!

Mango Mornings


A California Native Takes on Life in the Philippines: Expat Lessons and Travel Stories

Messing about in Asia courtesy of ITN


Adam - a late 30s-something single guy and his musings and anecdotes on a 3 month (or so) jaunt around Asia after being made redundant.

I travel, I wander, I wonder


Extracts from my travel journal during my trip around Southeast asia.

Welcome To My World


After living my life in China for 17 years I decided to write about what I do in my spare time. It involves motorcycling mostly around rural places and meeting people and seeing what they do. I like to show how this country is developing.



I live in Indonesia and I blog mostly about traveling around Indonesia and South East Asia.

Maggie Moo Does Korea


Stories, rants, advice and a ridiculous account of an awkward 20 something and her shenanary and mis-adventures teaching and playing rugby in Asia.

Life in the Quarter-life


A wannabe travel junkie who's trying to tour the Philippines, and every Asian nation, one at a time! :)