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This author had a nice idea: illustrate poetry with images. Read selections from some of the world's most beloved poets, including Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson, delightfully complete with accompanying photographs.

Poetry menu: the new poetry blog is now reality!
by poetry over 3 years ago

Poetry Grrrl


Readers of this site will be regularly refreshed by beloved favorite selections of classic poetry. This blogger also loves presenting original poetry and posts occasional videos of poetry slams along the way.

Oliver Wendell Holmes Quote about Music
by PoetryGrrrl over 4 years ago
Pablo Neruda – Always
by PoetryGrrrl over 4 years ago

Beyond the Pale


A poetry art blog. This poet and poet biographer offers interesting essays, each boasting an unexpectedly charming accompanying photo.

Trumplandia: A Vision
by noreply@blogger.com (TC) over 2 years ago
the worst people in the world
by noreply@blogger.com (TC) over 2 years ago

Acute Politics


This blog shares reports of life in a warzone from the guys in the middle of it. Read firsthand accounts of their feelings about their work and the risks they take every day to serve our country.

Sgt Damon's Art


Pete Damon is an artist and a severely wounded Iraq war veteran. In October of 2003 he lost parts of both my arms while serving in Iraq as a helicopter mechanic in the military, and he uses art as a form of therapy. You will be inspired by this man!

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
by Pete Damon over 2 years ago
Some Current Offerings
by Pete Damon over 2 years ago

Archives of American Art Blog


Every culture can be vividly understood and intrepreted via the visual art it produces. In that vein, the Archives of American Art have produced a standout page that demands the attention of anyone clamoring for a grasp on American identity. An inundation of great American artists, from every period (major or minor), can find a significant space in each posting here. Pics of the artwork are often accompanied with insightful historical anecdotes. Visit often to be enlightened by what you read.

An Artist’s Home Movies: Hildreth Meière and the New York World’s Fair
by Archives of American Art over 2 years ago
Tools of the Trade
by Archives of American Art over 2 years ago

Military Illustration


This blog shows how the military and the art world traverse one another's purposes on occasion. Readers will enjoy the videos and pics of soon-to-come army innovations here.

Bravo Tango Tees Blog


For years as military wives, we strove to carve out a meaningful careers for ourselves between moves, deployments and babies – Becky as a graphic designer and Tammy as a social media consultant. Then one day our paths crossed through a mutual client and the inspiration flew. With a shared vision for our families, careers and wardrobe, we rolled up our sleeves in the spring of 2011 and created our own Bravo Tango! Now we have a line of patriotic couture tees we are so very proud of!



Freestyle contemporary poetry, digital media and video, poetry, photography

Lie in the Sun
by your-words-here over 4 years ago

Rwnld's Blog/Thoughts/Art


Rwnld Lewis, is an artist living in Providence RI.

A Poet But Know It


I am publishing all my poetry here, one at a time. It takes a while. But there is a comment section, so feel free to give feedback if you are so moved. I am not quite sure how THIS blog works, so until I figure it out, please drop by my blogspot and check me out.

Talent Trawl


TALENT TRAWL trawling the net for outstanding creativity For as long as I can remember I have been enthralled by the act of creating. This is a blog that I have dreamed of curating for a long time now. In it I intend to showcase the creativity of others in all it's various and diverse manifestations. I am not a critic, just an artist who plays intelligently and appreciates the efforts of likeminded souls, and wishes to share the inspirational work of others...

AuraGem's Painterly Songlines


In response to lesser known art works, my poetry tries to capture the essence, the spirit of the artist's creation.

book of life...
by Gemma Wiseman over 2 years ago
Eastern Dream...
by Gemma Wiseman over 2 years ago

Painters and Poets


A blog that showcases the collaboration between painters and poets, such as Frank O'Hara and Larry Rivers, X J Kennedy and Marcel duChamp, Elizabeth Bishop and herself.

New York Poet Steve Turtell on Frank O'Hara and the Substance of Joy
by lisa about 4 years ago
Poet Neil Ellman Visits Kandinsky's "Small Worlds"
by lisa over 4 years ago

Les Femmes Folles


The aim of the blog (including interviews, show features, updates, excerpts, poetry and prose, and question-and-answers by women writers) is to promote and support the creative endeavors of women artists of all practices and genres, by sharing their stories. We also curate and host exhibitions, readings and events celebrating and discussing women artists and partner with other organizations as well.

Anja Foerschner, artist
almost 3 years ago
Tonya Gregg, artist
almost 3 years ago

Painting words


Painting words is an attempt to capture reality as a feeling, making words act to senses creating a picture, a moment and a painting of reflection.

Ocean Passage


This is a blog that is part poetry, prose and photography.



Poetry -- Arts. Humanity. Awareness. Solitude. Love. Peace.