Jewish Dating


If you are Jewish and looking for love, this blog provides advice, empathy, and a community of like-minded individuals.

Moving forward to Dating
by Lesley about 4 years ago
Dating Profiles
by Lesley about 4 years ago

Love and Relationship Advice Blog


Who better to give you advice on love and romance than an amazing couple who have been loving and romancing each other for several years? Susie and Otto Collins are the relationship coaches and soul mates behind this blog, which is committed to helping others improve their life and relationships.

When you feel ignored by your partner--Here's what to do...
by Susie and Otto Collins over 4 years ago
What Every Woman Should Know About Keeping Her Man's Interest...
by Susie and Otto Collins over 4 years ago

Have the Relationship You Want


Get marriage and relationship advice from Rori Raye, a trained relationship coach and former crisis counselor. Rori answers relationship questions from her subscribers, gives great tips for a healthy life and relationship, and also showcases guest posts.

How To Make Communication Sexy
by Rori Raye over 2 years ago
The Questions To Ask Yourself
by Rori Raye over 2 years ago

1 Million Love Messages


1 Million Love Messages is a blog that showcases messages and expressions of love from around the world. Each post on the blog is a message from a subscriber who wants to share his/her love message with the whole wide world, or maybe just with the special someone in their life. The goal of this blog is simple--to spread love with no strings attached. In a world where love is lacking. this blog is a wonderful gesture.

Love Message -2817-
by 1 Million Love Messages over 2 years ago
Love Message -2816-
by 1 Million Love Messages over 2 years ago

True Love Advice Blog


The True Love Advice Blog provides true love and marriage relationship advice from "the perfect relationship adviser." The blog is updated frequently with new articles, relationship advice, and down-to-earth relationship counsel to help you find true love and build a lasting and enduring relationship.

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over 4 years ago
over 4 years ago

Evan Marc Katz


Evan's a personal relationship coach for women, suggesting that his 12-week commitment course is much like getting a Masters Degree in Men. Once dubbed a "serial dater" by CNN, Evan knows just how to help women understand men and has a high success rate -with dozens of his clients finding real, lasting love, many now married with kids. Women, check out his site for tons of free relationship advice to help you find and keep love.

IEP…I don’t believe
by Jason Fitch almost 5 years ago

...And That's Why You're Single


...And That's Why You're Single is a dating and love advice blog aimed at getting people involved and invested in sharing their love and relationship stories. The blogger, Moxie, is also very forthcoming in her personal experiences and opinions regarding finding love and happiness with the opposite sex.

The “How Sexual Are You?” Litmus Test #atwys
by ATWYSingle almost 4 years ago
That Guy You’re Sure Isn’t a Jerk? Yeah, He’s a Jerk
by ATWYSingle almost 4 years ago

Relationship Disaster


Relationship Disaster offers tips, advice, and solutions for relationship and marriage problems. If you're down on love, want to know how to get your ex back, or have questions about cheating and infidelity, this blog has the resources for you.

Love and Sex


The Love and Sex blog explores various topics in love, romance, and sex from an exclusively female perspective. The women who contribute to the posts are experts in social media and the topics on which they write.

How to Sell Your Book with Facebook Ads
by Amy Abbott over 2 years ago
Skinny Zevia Cocktails
by LiveLeanEatGreen over 2 years ago

Dating and Relationship Advice for Women


This blog is comprised of a group of authors, image consultants, professional daters, and friends who love the process of finding that special someone and falling in love. These women have seen just about everything there is to see when it comes to the land of love and they're willing to share their knowledge and experience with everyone who's ready for love.

Love Quotes and Quotations


Love is a beautiful language, whether it's spoken or written. This blog showcases written expressions of love by sharing quotations about love that are meant to inspire and enlighten.

Humorous Love Quotes Put Relationships into Perspective
about 4 years ago
Hilarious Love Quotes about Love & Relationships
about 4 years ago

Love Sessions


Love Sessions is a one-stop shop for everything you ever wanted to know pertaining to love, break ups, marriage, sex, dating, and so much more. The blog offers professional relationship advice and can even connect you to a one-on-one counselor.

Find Love Keep Love


Does love just seem to evade you? Ever felt like you can't hold on to true love? The Find Love Keep Love has all the resources you need to not only fall in love, but also to stay there. This blog is your "trusty toolbox for the romance blues."

In a dilemma reg marriage
almost 4 years ago
I feel unworthy!
almost 4 years ago



Read, linger, laugh, and get some lessons about parenting from this site. Jen Singer has been quoted on a long list of acclaimed newspapers, magazines, and web sites, and has appeared on a number of television shows such as The Today Show, CBS The Early Show, and more.

The Mom Blog


This mom's a certified infant massage instructor and she loves to dish on cool products, recipes, having fun with children, and preschool educational ideas. Mothers can get inspiration for their life and children here.

Mommy Speech Therapy


Is your child struggling with speech issues? Get helpful tips and articles such as "How to Teach the CH Sound" from a speech therapist and mother who shares her thoughts on language development for little ones.

Understanding the Special Education Process
by April about 4 years ago
Little Bee Speech Apps Making a Difference
by Heidi over 4 years ago

Little Gems - Make Your Child a Genius


Little Gems has a vision to help parents mould their children by using a new concept of education. Submit your email and receive a free ebook.

Investing in Kids.net


John Bartik is a published author, researcher on early childhood development, and senior economist at the Upjohn Institute for Employment Research. He offers reports on early childhood development and our nation.

Whitehurst’s latest comments on pre-K
by timbartik about 4 years ago
The importance of education, and a pre-K experiment to watch
by timbartik over 4 years ago

Empowering Parents


Parenting is always difficult, especially when you are dealing with behavioral issues. Get advice for all your parenting questions here and read helpful articles.

What Behaviors Can You Ignore?
by Rebecca Wolfenden, 1-on-1 Coach over 2 years ago
Build Your Parenting Team
by Denise Rowden, 1-on-1 Coach over 2 years ago

Learning is Child's Play


This hard working mom has learning all figured out: as long as the kids think it's fun, it isn't difficult. Keep learning fun with the ideas she has here.

An Insider’s Guide to Education for Parents


Dr. Yalow has enough credentials behind her name to make anyone sit up and listen. She is the Executive Vice President of Knowledge Universe and Vice Chair of Knowledge Learning Corporation. And she also has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Stanford. She offers news, tips, ideas, and her insights on early education learning, specifically for parents.

Little Sprouts


Sandra's blog is highly personal and focused on her homeschooling experiences with her own young children. She provides creative, step-by-step lesson plans and projects that can be used by elementary teachers and homeschooling parents to teach a variety of subjects.