The Adventures of a Running Bear


Sarah Jarvis is the author of "The Adventures of Running Bear" Blog. She is an avid runner and chronicles her running journeys on her site. We love the section titled," Inspiring Photo Stuff". The photographs on this blog are fantastic!

An Ultra Runner's Blog


We're all just trying to hang in there a little bit longer; this blog teaches us that what we learn from running, we can apply to our whole lives. Follow me on my journey to run ultras and other mind altering events and feel the thrill!

"Twas Always Thus"
by Will over 2 years ago
What's Your Age Again?
by Will over 2 years ago

Running Chick with the Yellow Hat


On this great running blog you will follow the adventures of the author on her running adventures. She is very busy working a full time job, being a community volunteer , and of course an avid runner. Follow this delightful site and you will be inspired to put on your running shoes and go for a jog, or maybe run a marathon!



Why I Run: The Story of How I Became a Runner is a post on this fantastic running blog. It is about the author's journey into the running world and how running has turned into a passion for getting healthy and having a great time doing it. This site offers a wealth of tips and resources to help improve your performance.

Altra Lone Peak Neoshell and Lone Peak 2.5 Review
by David Henry over 2 years ago
Pearl Izumi Trail N2v2 and N1v2 Dual Review
by David Henry over 2 years ago

Run, Janelle, Run!


This blog is somewhat of a journal of the blogger's running experiences. From her running days in college to the present. Janelle, the author, shares her views on the sport as a participant to a spectators point of view.

Naturally Protein Packed Pancakes
by Janelle Vadnais about 4 years ago
Banana Oat Chip Bites
by Janelle Vadnais about 4 years ago

Old Man Running


This blogger is 74 years old and just starting to get back into long distance running and sharing his experiences with us. Not only does he talk about the fitness aspect of his journey, but it’s also very inspirational as well.

Did another 2 miles
by noreply@blogger.com (Allen Leigh) over 4 years ago
Ran/walked 2 miles
by noreply@blogger.com (Allen Leigh) over 4 years ago

Old Runner


Richard Hefner, the blogger of this site, created this site to remind myself of how far he has come and to hopefully inspire other people who thought they were too old to get in shape. He has lost 50 pounds and attributes it to healthy eating and especially running. He is passionate about setting an example to his children and the older crowd to be health conscious and to live life to its fullest.

TheOldRunner has Moved...
by Richard Hefner over 3 years ago
Race #282 - Belk Bowl 5k - Charlotte, NC - 12/28/14
by Richard Hefner over 3 years ago

Adam Culp -- The Crazy Floridian


This site chronicles the running journey of Adam Culp. From as early as his grade school days through his time in the Army. You will be inspired by his dedication to a sport that is affects every aspect of his life.



Half-Fast is blog that is dedicated to the humorous side of running. There are tips, running stories, poems(a few), advice and news about the running world. This site will make you laugh!

No, Not in the Ribs!
by Ian almost 4 years ago
Plus ça Change
by Ian almost 4 years ago

Run faster Mommy


Heather Gannoe, the author of this blog, is a full time mom and college student pursuing a bachelors degree in exercise and sports science. She shares her passion for running and the posts on her site are delightful.

Run, Zoe, Run!


"I am an everyday athlete; leading a normal life, but with big goals and dreams," is this author's mantra. You will follow the daily adventures of this author's running life along with product reviews and some great giveaways on this site.

Racing and Saving Mama


My blog is about running, working out, outdoor activities with my family, healthy eating and couponing. I am a PR Friendly site that host/preforms reviews, giveaways, and sponsored posts. My blog is a place people come to read a great story...AND learn about an awesome new product and possibly win one for themselves.

Cute Dollie and Child Dresses on Sale Today! Plus Mommy and Me Dresses!
by Kristina over 2 years ago
3 Tips For Improving Your Workouts
by Kristina over 2 years ago

Der Scott


Middle aged and nearly broken down, Scott regained his passion for running and writing in his 40's. "Der Scott" is mostly a collection of writings about Scott's misadventures when attempting to run long and difficult trail races in completely inadequate footwear.

Bile Burping Miles - Uwharrie Mountain Run 2016
by Scott Lynch over 2 years ago
Iron Mountain Trail Run - 16 Miler
by Scott Lynch almost 3 years ago

High on Bike


She started running at 50 and a year later, this author's enthusiasm for running continues to grow. Fun, motivating, and perhaps just a bit on the edge, join in the conversation about running, life, and getting older but better.

Knuckledragging Runner


My blog includes tails of the Colorado Trails that I run on. Tails of the details of my (3) kids and what they are up to in running and soccer activities. Nothing too serious, nothing too deep. I do go on an occasional rant and not every post has to do with running or family.

Indian Creek 50
by Craig Hilton over 3 years ago
Running the rebound race
by Craig Hilton over 3 years ago

One Run a Month


The adventures of a 33 year old women who hates exercise and decides to do one 5K a month for a year. A little humor, a little life, some product reviews, and an adventure that could go anywhere.

New York Outdoors


Where & how to have fun outdoors in New York State by hiking, bicycling, running, backpacking, paddling, skiing, bird watching, enjoying nature, etc.