Look At Last Year's File


New accountants and CA's are advised to imbibe the counsel of this blogger, in the business for more than three years now. It details the realities of accounting firm life.

Tax Research UK


This British blog finds Richard using his accountant skills to ruminate thoughtfully on taxation and economic policy. The English focus is not thick enough to ward off Americans.

Are HMRC planning to ignore country-by-country reporting?
by Richard Murphy about 2 years ago
Will Brexit be a mess? Read this
by Richard Murphy about 2 years ago



Find more information on notable new trailblazers in the accountant community here. Fortunately, the writers here aren't afraid to blog about barbeques and crosswalks.

CPA Trendlines


This blog is professional and informative, and provides insight into a wide variety of topics for accountants. CPA Trendlines could very well be an every day stop for any professional or future accountant.

Tech Survey: 90% of Accounting Firms Fail to Budget Properly
by cpaadmin about 4 years ago
16 Questions before Merging Up
by writer 12 about 4 years ago



This blog provides sufficient critique and strong viewpoints to perhaps help you land that coveted CFO position. The realities of regulators and dividends are new topics.

Fraud Expert CPA


Kim, a partner in a Southern California CPA firm, provides a deep analysis of the numbers in each post. Forensic accounting and auditing are popular themes.

Faith-Based Accounting


This blog believes that integrity in finances and health of the soul can go hand in hand. The accountants here work closely with churches and ministry groups.

Jeremy Newman


Blogger Jeremy incorporates his vast experience in the spheres of auditing and corporate finance into this page. He also enjoys writing on the international accounting scene.

Book Mark Lee


Accountant Mark Lee is a "tax specialist networker, facilitator, speaker and writer." His blog reads very easily, and features a wealth of accounting experience.

My friend the slob and why he didn’t get a referral from me
by Mark Lee over 2 years ago
My social media journey
by Mark Lee over 2 years ago

Accounting Coach


This blog has been in operation since 2003, and is very interactive and informative. The subject-matter is in a question/answer format, and an accountant may not have a better free resource out there, so take advantage.

The Barefoot Accountant


This blog demonstrates how no shoes and no socks can be no problem for great accounting. The Hartford-based firm helps readers manage QuickBooks and more.

Summary of Staff Discussion Draft: International Business Tax Reform
by William Brighenti over 4 years ago

Because not all accountants are the same


This blog beliefs in the importance multifaceted diversity, and its potential, in the accounting sphere. Pensioners, plumbers, and tax season are recent topic points.

Real Time Information (RTI) Penalties
by Harries Watkins Jones about 4 years ago
2014 Budget News
by Harries Watkins Jones about 4 years ago

The Simple Accountant


This blog looks to lend simplicity to the accounting profession and turn off the senseless financial noise there. SeekingAlpha and the dollar index are breezily covered.

CPA Blogger


This CPA hits all the major bases -- the Big Four, auditing, taxation -- to home-run effect here. Students can also find information on internships throughout the site.

Accountants on London


A London-based firm provides substantial analysis of accounting that can be appreciated worldwide. Those at the outset of their careers will find a ton to digest.

Hicks & Co Tax Services, LLC.


John is a CPA blogger that is willing and more than able to instruct people in bookkeeping prowess. He and his site are avidly objective in informing readers on saving money and prospering with proper planning.

Nerd Enterprises, Inc


Seth knows that everyone in the world is neither an accountant nor a bookkeeper. Because of his awareness this exuberant blogger takes on the role of providing a mountain of information for those who desire knowledge.

Asset Search


This blog looks to boost the intelligence of its readership regarding fraud investigation and avoiding being duped. Identity theft and bankruptcy are also popular themes here.

A Multifaceted Approach For Your Asset Search
by Fred Abrams over 2 years ago
Searching For Assets Hidden By Hawaladars
by Fred Abrams over 2 years ago

The Financial Investigator


This blog's title spells it all out: this is an individual who pursues forensic accounting leads all the way through. Each post meticulously dissects the latest issue of note.