ADHD Roller Coaster


Gina Pera's an award winning author who hosts what is quite possibly has one of the best web resources on ADHD. After reading a book on Adult ADHD, she became amazed at the widespread ignorance of this condition. Her blog is a shining light, an advocate for all those dealing with this mental illness.

Watching A Mind Falling Apart — In Reverse
by Gina Pera about 4 years ago
Young Australian responds to “Kids on Speed?”
by Gina Pera over 4 years ago

A Splintered Mind


Douglas is affected by depression and adult ADHD. n his blog, he seeks to overcome the stigma of living with these conditions, create awareness, and provide support. He's reached out to many people over the years and helped them discover a more fulfilling life.

ADHD: A Nightmare of Disorganization
by noreply@blogger.com (Douglas Cootey) over 2 years ago
ADHD vs. Guest Speaking. I won.
by noreply@blogger.com (Douglas Cootey) over 2 years ago

Work In Progress


A therapeutic look at the journey to overcome depression and anxiety. What I learn, how I learn it and the raw truth that I don't want to "go back to how I was before" my collapse. I want to find my authentic voice and be the real me. Been through this twice....not again please.

The New ADHD


ADHD Collective is spearheading a cultural shift in how culture approaches ADHD. Along with a new acronym for ADHD (Approaching Development + Health Differently) "The New ADHD" Blog begins a new dialogue about ADHD that highlights real life experiences of people with ADHD.

chronic migraines


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dark circles, etc


Yes, another millennial blog. We talk about some things and hide the rest. So I thought, why not here? Let us talk about everything. Happiness, pain, love and then hopefully, some light. I know that there are millions of you out there who live each day with a smile, even though you don’t want to. I know that you don’t want to appear weak and whiny and self absorbed. All you want is some joy and some light. This place is for all of you. I made this, I am writing this for the millions of brave souls who are battling a battle that no one knows about.

A strangely bitter coffee
by darkcirclesetc almost 4 years ago
A strangely bitter coffee
by darkcirclesetc almost 4 years ago

Nootropics Supply


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Mental Block Therapy


Striving to find & maintain that so called happy place with a couple bumps along the way. Just like life. My goal is to help people develop coping skills and reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness. People with mental illness are not all crazy.

The Door


Notes from the trenches on managing anger and rage.



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Our aim is to help the parent think out of the box, understand their child, then understand what they need. Our information is inspiring, informative and accessible to empower the parent to be the best advocate for their child that they can be.