Motivation And Personal Development Clinic


Motivation and personal development is committed to equipping persons with resources to keep them motivated towards personal development and their greatness. The website champions the idea that we are born to win. And to win we must become unstoppable. The website teaches the eagle blueprint formula for becoming and remaining unstoppable. The website is foundered by Jones Kofi Apawu, a motivational speaker, Author, Personal development expert, internet marketer and business consultant

thoughts, adventures, musings


Spellbound is the brain child of a 16 year-old from the Philippines. Her little outlet in life where she documents her life, adventures, musings and anything she fancies.

Detailing Gift Certificate Ontario


Try a detailing gift certificate for that hard to buy for person that your know loves their car. A detailing gift certificate is loved by anyone who drives.

My Cooking Journey


My Cooking Journey - A Vegetarian food blog with Indian and International recipes. Recipes that have been truly tested by me appear on this blog.

Daily Handstand


I love to read, write, and all things of the spirit. I adore yoga, although handstand both excites and eludes me. I have enough cats.



Information, advice, industry news and the occasional rant for writers around the world who specialise in health and medicine.

People Poesia


average surfer & jesus follower, poetry scribbler, enjoying beautiful basque country http://peoplepoesia.wordpress.com



Zipso.net offers useful tips, comparisons and problem-solving articles covering tech. areas such as Hardware/Software, Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Chromebooks, Blogging, Facebook, Google Adsense, Web Design and more. We're trying to write a better quality of How-to articles, in addition to covering interesting new areas (for example, cryptocurrencies). We aim to explain both the basics and a sufficient level of technical detail in each article, in an easy to follow format.

A Boho Life


‘Real Life, For Real people – With a Splash of Boho’ A Boho Life gives readers a place to chill out and read about everything life related with no airs and graces, just real life posts for real people. Covering home, décor, baby, family, travel, food, drink, health, fitness, work, business, fashion, beauty, pets, life after the wedding and everything in-between, A Boho Life promises to have something for everyone!

A Boho Life™


A Boho Life gives readers a place to chill out and read about everything life related with no airs and graces, just real life posts for real people. Covering home, décor, baby, family, travel, food, drink, health, fitness, work, business, fashion, beauty, pets and everything in-between, A Boho Life promises to have something for everyone!

KId PoEtrY


Poems about the shift shaping nature of the human condition.

On Old Age


In the year 2014, I will use the so called VIA Inventory of Strenghts to identify what kind of people can serve as heroes, and how I should be more like them. If I had followed the lead of the heroes of my past, I would have ended up unhappy, bitter, unhealthy, sad – or dead. My new heroes should be the ones who make me feel the opposite in 40 years time. Luckily, I didn’t turn my youth into something heroic. It’s time to turn my old age, the next 40 years, into a much better kind of heroic.



ONDAFLOR is a music blog curated by the veteran DJ/Producer “D-Mass“(Spins&Needles, Caliber Sounds, Crackling Claps). What type of music? Well, anything made with synths and samplers (or soft synths and sample editing software); but especially anything that is dance floor friendly. We are big fans of Club Music, House, Dancehall, Juke, Bass Music, Hip-Hop that bangs (please no struggle rap), head-nod inspiring Downtempo Beats, and anything especially Funky.

Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfers


Merchant Financing Leads work closely with the customer to deliver quality leads that best match your business needs. Read about the process that we follow to generate fresh data which is the building block of quality leads.

Bimba y sus cosas


Este blog no solo esta dedicado a productos de belleza. También puedes encontrar reviews sobre moda, viajes... Cositas de mi día a día.



Where I write my rants away, where I keep poetry so they don't scatter away, where I post things I'll never get to say.

Limitless Blogging Ideas


A personal blog focusing on Blogging Tips and Tricks, Blog Widgets, about Oman and Philippines, and photography.

The Tattoo Tourist


I am The Tattoo Tourist. I have tattoos. I have kids and a husband. I *may* have liquor and candy in my purse. I also tell stories. What about? Tattoos, sure. And surgery - I had a double mastectomy. And cancer - my sister died from breast cancer. And aging - cause that shit is happening to me RIGHT NOW. And not fitting in so well but liking myself anyways - maybe even liking myself more because of it. So come sit a little closer and don't be put off by the tattoos - remember what I have in my purse? Let's be friends.

Bookshelf Reflections


Bookshelf Reflections is an avid reader's sanctuary, where book reviews are posted, blogging tips are given and overall life situations are being overanalysed. We hope you will join us on this journey through heartbreak, rants and joyous moments.

Culture University


A 100% educational blog with no pitches. A "faculty" of culture experts provides posts and interviews with culture thought leaders and executives. The purpose of CultureU is to positively impact society on a global scale through culture awareness, education and action.

Nat's English Blog


A blog including opinionated political and social critiques. Written by a bold and savvy teenage girl. Nat lets the small things in life inspire her thoughts and writes them down for the world to see.

s/v The Red Thread


Neil and Jessie are a couple of liveaboard newlyweds with salty dreams and a case of wanderlust. Jump aboard as they gear up to cut the dock lines this fall and to chase adventure from Seattle to Sydney.