Portlight Adventures

Welcome to Portlight Adventures. Besides being a rather catchy name it has some meaning behind it as well. This is the story of our adventures as seen through our eyes. In here we have opened up the porthole to our lives, our tragedies, our up’s and down’s. This is not a fluffed up and polished version suitable for all ages and rated G but instead a raw look at our lives leading up to day when we slip our lines for the last time and move onto our boat for good. This blog will follow us as we begin our cruising lifestyle and allow us to share with our readers the love of life on the water my wife and I have. We hope you enjoy our stories, I doubt they are as unique as we like to think they are. Everybody has their own forms of triumphs and failures, this is our version. Please fee free to comment honestly on any of our post. We do ask one thing, be courteous in your responses.

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