My Journey To Awakening

My blog is my story documenting my journey to awakening. It all started for me with swapping for fresh, locally grown food, available from farmers markets. It wouldn't have to be organic all the time, so long as it was from a known source and grown using natural, organic methods. I soon started to reduce the amount of meat I was eating, up to the point that I went off meat completely. My way of thinking started changing, I felt this incredible compassion for all living beings. At first I was so upset seeing how we treat each other, especially animals 'raised for food', that I wanted to convert the whole world, I tried to 'change' every single person I came across. However, I quickly realised that each one of us needs to go through a personal journey in their own time. We need to respect other people's choices and try to concentrate on ourselves rather than finding a way to 'correct' others. The best approach would be to ensure that you do whatever you think is right by following your heart and your instincts. Don't be afraid to be different or have your own opinion. This way you will become an inspiration to others, rather than a 'preacher' and show them that you are not not going to be persuaded by new trends, friends or legislations.

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