Habitual Verve

Habitual Verve is an online blog devoted to food, travel, & design. It is for those who value our earth, believe in sustainability, and have a passion for making the most of life. Habitual Verve strives to inspire others to eat consciously as our food choices directly impact our health, to dedicate one’s self to being life-long learner who embraces multicultural perspectives, and to create and appreciate the beauty that is brought to our lives through art and design. To do this, Habitual Verve provides recipes, neighborhood bar & restaurant guides, local restaurant reviews, and information about and coverage of local food events. In addition, visual travel logs and city guides are featured. Spotlights are shown on innovative interior and product design as well as architecture. Local and global artists are also showcased, and every now and again something having to do with music or film may be included on a whim.

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